Requiem for a dream : Review

This is one of the most disturbing and tragic movie I’ve seen till date. Yet excellent direction of Darren Aronofsky and great performances rivets you to the seat till the movie ends.

The movie revolves around four characters Sara Goldfarb, her son Harry his lover Marion (Jennifer Connelly) and his friend Tyrone. Harry, the junkie and his friend Tyrone can do anything to get high on heroine. Marion has an addiction to cocaine. The movie is kind of in three parts summer, spring and winter.

In summer the characters get into addictions. Sara gets addicted to weight reducing pills. Harry and Tyrone gets into business of distribution of stash, to get access to finest heroine. Marion a wannabe fashion designer is into cocaine and happy with her life with Harry. Each one has dreams of their own and has a strong belief in achieving it.

Spring starts with addiction fueling delusions. Things are horribly going bad due their addiction. The dreams are slowly falling apart, still the delusions keeps them firm.

When winter approaches things are out of hand, addiction and delusion have take over each of their lives. Sara feels the refrigerator and the television set wants attack her. The relationship between Marion and Harry falls apart, reason non-availability of drugs. Then on what happens is tragic, really really disturbing. Further it is best watched in the movie.

The movie leaves a lasting impression. A real good movie, very well made however watch it at your own risk (It can beat the hell out of you).


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