The Fist of God : Fredrick Forsyth

November 6, 2010

The plot in Fist of God is based on the first Gulf war, Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, followed by the American war on Iraq few months later. Many of the details are based on the facts of the Gulf war. The topic is well researched, I really admire Forsyth books for this reason. And ofcourse like his other books its a pacy read.

After Iraq invasion of Kuwait, Arab states panic. America utilizes the situation, to make Saudi Arabia believe that their oil wells are in danger. Meanwhile the intelligence agencies CIA, SIS and Mossad of the USA, Great Britain and Israel respectively try to understand the next steps and motivation of Saddam Hussein using intelligence intercepts and a high profile mole in Saddam’s cabinet. Americans plan Operation Dessert Shield that transforms to Operation Dessert Storm to attack Iraq. Allied forces come to know about a dangerous secret weapon of Iraq, “Fist of God”. Later part describes how the Allied forces find what the weapon is, where it is and how they destroy it.

My gist of the book sounds boring, however  the book has many interesting espionage plots and gulf war facts makes the read very entertaining. I would not classify this book to be as good as The Day of the Jackal. But better than the Icon.

I give a thumbs up to this book, worth a read.

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Jyoti Basu: An Appraisal

January 26, 2010

Jyoti Basu: An Appraisal

Reading the above article makes me wonder, how well people remember every close miss, mistakes, follies one makes . With out giving credit to his contributions.

Image via wikimedia

Image via wikimedia

I’m no great fan of CPI(M) or Jyoti Basu, however the way the article is written intrigues me. If Jyoti Basu knew he would be remembered this way (as described in the article), would he have served people for 23 years !! I seriously feel the man deserves more respect.

2009 Election : A $3 bn Celebration

May 15, 2009

India’s National Election Spreads $3 Billion Around –

Candidates and parties spent $3 billion on everything, including transportation, advertising, celebrity endorsements and cash bribes over the course of the campaign, according to economists and political analysts. In comparison, the last United States presidential campaign cost an estimated $2.4 billion.

The campaign, which will wrap up Saturday with a final tally of the votes, is trickling through the economy and plumping earnings at television stations, advertising agencies, florists, airlines, car companies and gas stations. It is adding to the business for sweets manufacturers, priests and astrologers.

The programs are so extensive that the amount of money spent in India will give a 0.5 percent boost to the country’s gross domestic product for two quarters of this year, says Kotak Securities, a brokerage firm.

Indians are masters of spending and displaying grandeur be it any kind of celebration marriage, diwali, holi or the elections (celebration of democracy). Its a different topic to discuss if the spending is justified or not. Looking at the voter’s turn out 2009 elections were mere celebration for the political parties and candidates not an ideal exemplification of democracy.