Young Simona Halep under the scanner

July 12, 2009

Read this news today.

Simona Halep has her bust reduced
Junior tennis player gets her 34DD bust reduced
What has Simona been reduced to?

First thought that struck me was Simona Halep is very serious about her tennis career. At age of 17 if she is ready to go under the knife to improve her game.

Then a man’s brain took over, how have I not heard of this lady ? Does she really have biggies ? Let me google a bit kinds.

Found a petition online to the Romanian govt to prevent her going from under the knife. Then found this story on digg. Reading the comments I for once forgot that this lady is a tennis star !!!

With Internet some times things can get very awkward, every move a person make will be under the scanner and the views of all with good or bad intentions be out published for rest of the world to read. And create a impression of the person which may not be really true.

Wondering how would Simona react if she happened to read through these comments. May be just dismiss it or may be think may be think that she should have done this long time ago to get rid of all these perverts.

Anyways All the best with your game Simona.