Watchmen : Movie Review

I watched “Watchmen” last weekend. Its an adaptation of the comic book series.

The movie is setup in late 80s early 90s when cold war between US and USSR was at its peak. American jingoism is very well shown in this movie. The storyline of the movie is totally outdated.

The movie starts of with the murder of the comedian. Rorschach a vigilante, starts to investigates the murder. Then the reels start rolling. There are flash backs after flash backs. A mystery who is Silk Spectre II’s father gets solved. Laurie / Silk Spectre II who was always in love with Dr Manhattan, see their relationship weakening by the day. She leaves him and start staying with Daniel/The nite owl, very soon they fall in love. For the unfortunate Laurie, Daniel is impotent !!!. Yet they make a lot of love !!. Then there are twists and turns in the story brought in mainly by Adrian/Ozymandias.

But in the end movie fails to convince the motive of the murder, and justify all the destruction caused. The conversation Laurie has with Dr Manhattan on Mars is utter crap, It did not make any sense to me in the context. The  violence in the movie is very graphic, certainly not suitable for young kids.

All in all a total thumbs down for this movie.


One Response to Watchmen : Movie Review

  1. Stage66 says:

    Yeah, I have seen Watchman yesterday, it’s really a good film, ie. it effects mind. I agree with you.

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