Be Tall and Be Happy

July 30, 2009

If you are not happy and your height falls below 5 ft. 10 in. for males and 5 ft. 4 in. for females, then you can blame it on your height.

Height and Happiness: Why Tall People Are Happier – TIME

According to a paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research, both men and women who are above average height — 5 ft. 10 in. for males, 5 ft. 4 in. for females — report higher levels of happiness than smaller people.

The study does not say anything bad about the short people. But it basically points out the advantages of being tall, that helps them boost self-esteem, helps to be more calmer and easy going. One point I agree is that the tall people do not need to crave for attention, they always get it, males or females. That I feel is very important to boost ones self-esteem. High self esteem induces faith in ones abilities and confidence to face life and enjoy it.

This is not to generalize that short people suffer from low self esteem. But being tall has a lot of benefits.