Inkaar : Ends disappointingly

February 1, 2013

The movie starts with a lot of promise. Arjun, CEO of an AD agency is accused of sexual harassment, by his own protegé Chitrangada. Movie narrates the 2 long days of investigation of this accusation. “He says, She says” arguments, back and forth between past and present. It nicely builds up the anticipation of who might be wrong. Songs are good. I liked the first half . Chitrangada looking fab, Arjun looks comfortable and sticks nicely to the role.

Trouble starts in the second half, movie begins to drag. Few things in the story stops making sense, it looks made up, the hype and the drama slowly fizzle out. The last nail in the coffin is the ending. Ending makes this good plot, the nicely built suspense all laughable, absolutely rubbish.

This is the second movie I saw this week that started with a great promise and ended as a damp squib, that was Talaash. It’s a simple rule “All’s well that ends well !!”.


To summarize, Inkaar a Sudhir Mishra movie, an interesting plot, Arjun and Chitrangada looking fab, awesome background score, good songs, and a pathetic ending. Should you watch it ? It’s okay to watch it one time, if you like Arjun and Chitrangada.


[Extending this post a bit. Beware Spoilers ahead]

What did the ending really mean ? Confused ? Let me explain :

Rahul (Arjun) and Maya (Chitrangada) express their love for each other (in a shady wash room with a flickering light, too dramatic eh !) . Rahul’s assumption that Maya sleeps around with bosses to climb up the ladder turns out wrong.

Maya has almost lost the sexual harassment case, if she looses all her hard work and reputation goes waste. Rahul’s love for Maya doesn’t want this to happen, to save her from this embarrassment Rahul quits the job and moves to Saharanpur.

Maya gets to know Rahul has quit the job. She picks up a poster of 3 people riding on one bike, pauses, smiles and she too quits the job.

There is catch here, if you can recall while they were in Thailand discussing the bike AD , the night before the presentation. Rahul tells Maya that he is from Saharanpur.

So, Maya picks up a poster of 3 people riding on one bike, pauses and smiles (coz she knows Rahul’s destination). she to quits the job, goes to Saharanpur. Rahul and Maya then live happily ever after in Saharanpur :).



August 8, 2010
I watched the movie Inception today. The movie is based on a simple subject, however I felt the way this subject is treated is truly marvelous. I say the subject is simple because the its about dreams and manipulating people. The way Christopher Nolan, blends these two subjects with the peppering of a sci-fi angle and an emotional angle makes the movie interesting.

Dominic Cobb played by Leonardo-Di-Caprio is an “extractor”. He gains access to an individual’s subconscious mind by getting into their dreams, while they are sleeping, and extracts information from the individual’s mind. The main plot of the movie is how Cobb goes about  doing a job of an inception, i.e. to brood and idea into an individual’s mind. While performing this job Cobb has to overcome his emotional problems and the challenges involved in inception.

Somethings I felt were ridiculous in the movie, while the van is plunging to water, Cobb and team float (zero gravity) in their dream. What does the physical state of the dreamer’s body have to do with their dream !! And some scenes of Cobb with his wife were slow drags.

However the concept of time within dreams, different levels of dreams, architecting the dreamworld were all intriguing. This concept is not all fictional, I found this reference of lucid dreaming from the wikipedia page for Inception.

I feel such movies kind of give direction to where the science is heading. They in some ways give us power to push our thoughts beyond the walls of science to give us that thrill and the sense of awe while watching it. Christopher Nolan I must say, has been to a great extent providing the thrill and awe with the movie “Inception”.

I give a thumbs-up to this movie and classify it as a must watch !!

Up in the Air : Movie

March 1, 2010

Watched Up in The Air as planned. The academy award nominations are very deserving for this movie I feel.

Ryan(George Clooney) lives every man’s dream (at-least mine). He travels fanatically, free from relationship hassles, he is all alone doing whatever he wants. Kind of surreal isn’t it ? everything going for him. Until Alex (Vera Farmiga) comes into his life. Ryan and Alex both enjoy spending time with each other. Things start changing after attending his sisters marriage with Alex.

He begins to feel the emptiness in his life, even though he has got everything he has ever wanted. As he understands the truth of his life, he gets surrounded by loneliness and the movie ends.

I feel that in every ones life there will be such moment(s), this is when you realize that all you were chasing was nonsense. There is nothing you can get out of it, it just brings void to your life. Ignorance is bliss in such matters I feel, however the tragedy is one does not stay ignorant all his life. There will be a moment when one will get into this chasm.

There are parts that just displays irony of life. Natalie (Anna Kendrick) an ambitious co-worker of Ryan introduces a new process of firing people online, later her boy friend dumps her by a text message. Just to show life is fair to all, in all ways.

I must say this movie is good one time watch

Avatar: The Plot, the Controversy

January 18, 2010

Avatar: The Plot, the Controversy, the Irony

Reading this post I just feel, that the thinking minds sometimes don’t see things at its face value. They possibly see things in a way that every action has a motive (covert or overt).

Uploaded by Costel Mago

By saying so, I’m not denying that James Cameroon might have taunted the big corporations and power-hungry countries through his movie Avatar. But then its a movie, James Cameroon has told a simple story in a superb fashion.

The controversy is the result  over-analyzing a simple story-line. I’d say go enjoy Avatar as a movie not as a medium that is trying to prove a point.

12 Angry men : The Movie

January 7, 2010

I had this 1957 black and white movie on the hard disk of my computer for quite a while. I did not really bother to watch the movie. A friend suggested, this is an awesome movie. After watching this movie I felt such an idiot for not watching the movie before. It was excellent indeed.

Image from

The movie length is around 1:30 hrs all shot in one room with 12 men. Yes, all shot in one room. Interesting eh ? Its about 12 jurors trying to decide whether, 18 year old boy accused of killing his father is guilty or not guilty.

As you watch first 20 mins, the movie becomes predictable. However it does not bore you. The 12 jurors are completely different from one another, the have never met each other before. Their reactions to the opinions of others and how their decisions flip flop makes it interesting.

Very simple movie, and very different for the movies I generally watch. A thumbs up for the movie.

What’s your Rashee ? Movie Review

September 30, 2009

What’s your Rashee ? is so much unlike a typical Ashutosh Gowariker movie. Its not a historical epic, it has nothing thought provoking. Its is a simple romantic “mindless” comedy.

Its very light-hearted movie. The story is about Yogesh Patel, a MBA Grad from Chicago. Circumstances force Yogesh to get married in less than 2 weeks time. Yogesh is now faced with a tough job of finding a bride for himself. He comes up with this crazy idea of meeting one lady of every sun sign and to select one of them to be his bride. In this way he ends up meeting 12 Priyanka Chopra(s).

Every character of Priyanka exhibits certain personality traits of a particular sun-sign. Priyanka as always looks great but her roles are so so. The movie does not provide any chance for a great performances. Harman’s does a decent job. However you need to keep reminding yourself that you are watching Harman and not some Hrithik Roshan duplicate. However Jitu Bhai’s portrayal is awesome.

This is a good time pass movie. Certainly value for money I feel. Go watch it, its worth one watch.

PS: This is a 3.5 hrs movie after cutting 2 songs. There are songs every 15 mins.

The Hangover : movie review

July 15, 2009

Note : No spoilers

10/10 out for this movie. An ultimate entertainer.

Keep you head at home, do not think about whys, whats and hows. It may not make any sense, still you can’t resist laughing. This movie tickles every funny bone you have. I’m must say the screen play is stupendous. I highly recommend this movie, and be prepared to laugh whole heatedly till ribs ache.

The movie is about a bachelor party. Dough is getting married. His chums Phil and Stu plan a bachelor party at Las Vegas 2 days before the marriage. Phil is a school teacher, Stu a dentist. Alan fiance’s brother joins the gang. Alan looks like a psycho but actually he is an idiot. They reach Las Vegas, occupy a grand suite. They make toast, to make this an unforgettable night.

But unfortunately, the next day they have the worst hangover of their life and they do not remember a bit of what they did the previous night. They find the house in a devastated state, chicken flying all over the house, there is a baby crying in the closet, a tiger in the bathroom, Stu has lost one of his teeth and most of all there is no sign of Dough. Then its all about finding Dough, with little clues they have trying to figure out what they did the previous night. The journey of finding Dough is amazing. It also weird in some sense, but still entertaining. Im kind of not finding word to explain. You must watch it to understand what I’m saying.

All in all an excellent movie, the kinds that you can watch any number of times. If you haven’t watched it yet go watch it !!

[To top it all, I got a 30% discount on the movie tickets 🙂 saved 120 bucks]