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September 11, 2010


Humanity does Exist-Good one

May 21, 2010
Received the following mail from a friend. After reading it first thought that struck me was, What was the photographer doing ? waiting for the monkey to open the tap ?
Does the monkey has more humanity than the photographer ?


Dear All

Two blind persons wanted to drink water at the RagiGudda temple, Bangalore. When they were unable to operate the tap, this mother monkey opened the tap for them, allowed them to drink water, drank some water herself and then closed the tap before leaving the scene.

PS: Do share this pic with your friends. It is proof that humanity does exist – even if we humans have forgotten it ourselves…

Things that keep you ticking through the drudgery of life

November 17, 2009

Amazing Photos…
There little moments in life sometimes goes totally unnoticed. The drudgery of life takes away the great happiness from these little moments that cannot be ever relived. Looking back sometimes you become aware that those where the good days we spent with realizing it. Enjoy every moment, squeeze out happiness out of every second lived…

View the pic here :

Photos of the Solar Eclipse

July 24, 2009

Pics of solar eclipse that occurs on July 22nd 2009

See and download the full gallery on posterous

small town under clouds

July 2, 2009

These are the kind of snaps that feed the photography “keeda” in me…
Soon have to buy a good camera and foray into the world of photography…

small town under clouds

via [daily dose of imagery] on 7/1/09

small town under clouds || Canon300D/EF-S18-55 | 1/200s | f9 | ISO100
Green landscape seen from a road a few hours north of Tehran, Iran. (from archives)

SLR Cameras : Way ahead

April 30, 2009

An interesting article for photography enthusiasts. A note on the direction where the S.L.R technology is heading, with electronic view finders and a high-def video recording capability with auto focus. And notes particular to Panasonic Lumix GH1/G1 Cameras.

Interesting path ahead, S.L.Rs getting more sleeker and more powerful with out any compromise in quality, when compared with traditional S.L.Rs.

Earth hour 2009 : Amazing Pictures

April 7, 2009

These are amazing pictures shot during Earth Hour 2009. Click on the images to switch on / off the light.

I especially liked view of Acropolis in Athens and the Eiffel Tower. Each shot is amazing in its own way.