Alive and Breathing

December 30, 2012

Sorry to disappoint I’m not dead. Back from an un-intended break !

For almost a year I could not muster time to write one short blog !! I’m the best of all the worsts in time-management. Need anymore proof ?

Its not that I ignored this space completely, blogs were always on my mind, topics would pop-up and fade out. One thing I know for fact now is that blogs are best written when the topic is hot and fresh in mind. Pushing it to later squeezes the juice out of the matter and the motivation to write.

Thats not all, I’ve two blogs, its hard to decide where to post what. I’m more fond of my wordpress blog than the one on blogger. It takes me to my past, and makes me smile on how I used to be and what I’ve become 🙂 Not sure in a good or bad way.

Closing my blogger blog !
More coming your way here, get set !!

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im Back!



August 8, 2010
I watched the movie Inception today. The movie is based on a simple subject, however I felt the way this subject is treated is truly marvelous. I say the subject is simple because the its about dreams and manipulating people. The way Christopher Nolan, blends these two subjects with the peppering of a sci-fi angle and an emotional angle makes the movie interesting.

Dominic Cobb played by Leonardo-Di-Caprio is an “extractor”. He gains access to an individual’s subconscious mind by getting into their dreams, while they are sleeping, and extracts information from the individual’s mind. The main plot of the movie is how Cobb goes about  doing a job of an inception, i.e. to brood and idea into an individual’s mind. While performing this job Cobb has to overcome his emotional problems and the challenges involved in inception.

Somethings I felt were ridiculous in the movie, while the van is plunging to water, Cobb and team float (zero gravity) in their dream. What does the physical state of the dreamer’s body have to do with their dream !! And some scenes of Cobb with his wife were slow drags.

However the concept of time within dreams, different levels of dreams, architecting the dreamworld were all intriguing. This concept is not all fictional, I found this reference of lucid dreaming from the wikipedia page for Inception.

I feel such movies kind of give direction to where the science is heading. They in some ways give us power to push our thoughts beyond the walls of science to give us that thrill and the sense of awe while watching it. Christopher Nolan I must say, has been to a great extent providing the thrill and awe with the movie “Inception”.

I give a thumbs-up to this movie and classify it as a must watch !!

When the Lights Go Out

August 4, 2010

Thunderstorm arrives, power outage! How do you occupy your time?

Writing, Reading, Hacking and Making Music: My Room

What a right time to ask this question !

At this point in time I’m pursuing multiple hobbies. Power-cut will not matter much. Following are the things that I could do

1. I could pick up a book and start reading.

2. Pick up the guitar and practice the two notes that I know as of today, A Major and E Major.

3. Probably put on my trunks and go for swimming.

4. Pickup my camera and start shooting, objects in different angles.

Worst case forget everything and enjoy a good nice sleep.

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Stuck – Blogger’s Block

July 30, 2010
I came across this good post on tips for blogging.
These are simple points but I agree they have on impact on reader. There is one point I face as a blogger. Sometime I get into what I call Blogger’s block, where you cannot think of any topic to blog. I’m currently stuck in one such block. Every topic seems too naive to blog. Laziness also plays some part in this.

<Deep Thought

I plan to break this block by posting some of my travel experiences of last few months. Hopefully that will give my blogging another kickstart.

Illustration on Art of Persuasion

April 18, 2010

Following link points to an interesting illustration on the art of persuasion.

I’ve experienced this myself. Whenever there are multiple options and there is a lot of uncertainty, on what to do next ? or there are things that I would say NO to, because I am averse of doing it or consider that it is not possible for me, kinds. However once take a stand or make a commitment I tend to go ahead and do it which I earlier would not have done or have hesitated to agree.

Well !! not tried this funda on others. If I get an opportunity I probably can try it out.

However isn’t this manipulating the thoughts of the person to get our job, in a way that the other person gives consent for what we want?

Jyoti Basu: An Appraisal

January 26, 2010

Jyoti Basu: An Appraisal

Reading the above article makes me wonder, how well people remember every close miss, mistakes, follies one makes . With out giving credit to his contributions.

Image via wikimedia

Image via wikimedia

I’m no great fan of CPI(M) or Jyoti Basu, however the way the article is written intrigues me. If Jyoti Basu knew he would be remembered this way (as described in the article), would he have served people for 23 years !! I seriously feel the man deserves more respect.

Avatar: The Plot, the Controversy

January 18, 2010

Avatar: The Plot, the Controversy, the Irony

Reading this post I just feel, that the thinking minds sometimes don’t see things at its face value. They possibly see things in a way that every action has a motive (covert or overt).

Uploaded by Costel Mago

By saying so, I’m not denying that James Cameroon might have taunted the big corporations and power-hungry countries through his movie Avatar. But then its a movie, James Cameroon has told a simple story in a superb fashion.

The controversy is the result  over-analyzing a simple story-line. I’d say go enjoy Avatar as a movie not as a medium that is trying to prove a point.