Define Greatness !

August 16, 2010

How do you define greatness ?

One who is the best in what he does ? Numbers and facts of an individual that proves he is great ?


One who can arouse emotions in a group of people, every time he comes to do/perform whatever he is good at. The emotion that drives into people when they speak about him/her.

I feel its the latter. No numbers, no certificates can make or prove he or she is great. Its emotions that drives through people makes some one great. Its a charisma that cannot be built in one day. He/She has to go through their ups and downs in the front eyes of the people, achieving and losing many things to be able to drive such emotions. People should be able to relate to what he/she does to understand that he/she is great and celebrate his/her greatness.

I feel greatness is kind of a perception. Its is not a false perception, it is true perception because it get developed over long period of time, sometime it takes life time of a person.

I couldn’t help rubbishing the following article, claiming that Sehwag is greater that Sachin Tendulkar.

Bradman best, Sehwag greater than Sachin: Study

The numbers the economist have come up with does not have anything to do with the greatness of any individual. They are mere a fact of their performances. Some one with best records need not necessarily be great. It the perception of the people that make individual great.


Its a young Indian cricket team : Proved

March 10, 2008

Buoyant India Cricket team, proving guys will always be guys 😉
Buoyant Indian Team in India, after Victory over Aussies

Long-standing love for the game of Cricket ends

April 5, 2007

These are very sad days for Indian Cricket. India, the team which boasts to have the best batting line-up in the world is knocked out of the first round of Cricket World cup. The defeat against the minnows Bangladesh was humiliating.

Add to that the SMS leaks, E-Mail leaks nothing is going well for Indian Cricket at the moment. Greg Chappell’s comments on the seniors players, branding them as the “Mafia” and accusing them of not treating junior cricketers well and not making way for the youngsters. He goes on further to point fingers to Sachin Tendulkar. Then you have Greg’s brother Ian Chappell who says Sachin Tendulkar should retire.

Till now it was just the Chappels who had put forth their views. Today’s Newspaper had the views of the Indian players, especially the seniors. Man !! Greg Chappell, the coach, didn’t speak to players for three to four days during the world cup !!! No wonder India was knocked out in the first round. Lots of indirect mud-slinging happening.

There are big players in India team with lots of ego. Greg Chappell wanted to run the show Australian way, Well !! this is India to do that, the system needs to be changed. BCCI is a money making organization its more interested in selling media rights than improving the system in India. BCCI is the richest Cricket board where does all the money go ?

This was bound to happen some day. Commercialization of cricket is the root cause for all this. Its not the players or the coach who are to be blamed its the system i.e. BCCI who is responsible for it. If anyone has to resign or retire it is the BCCI officials.

Whatever it is the game of cricket has lost one fan.

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The real cause of India early exit from cricket WordCup 2007

March 28, 2007