Inkaar : Ends disappointingly

February 1, 2013

The movie starts with a lot of promise. Arjun, CEO of an AD agency is accused of sexual harassment, by his own protegé Chitrangada. Movie narrates the 2 long days of investigation of this accusation. “He says, She says” arguments, back and forth between past and present. It nicely builds up the anticipation of who might be wrong. Songs are good. I liked the first half . Chitrangada looking fab, Arjun looks comfortable and sticks nicely to the role.

Trouble starts in the second half, movie begins to drag. Few things in the story stops making sense, it looks made up, the hype and the drama slowly fizzle out. The last nail in the coffin is the ending. Ending makes this good plot, the nicely built suspense all laughable, absolutely rubbish.

This is the second movie I saw this week that started with a great promise and ended as a damp squib, that was Talaash. It’s a simple rule “All’s well that ends well !!”.


To summarize, Inkaar a Sudhir Mishra movie, an interesting plot, Arjun and Chitrangada looking fab, awesome background score, good songs, and a pathetic ending. Should you watch it ? It’s okay to watch it one time, if you like Arjun and Chitrangada.


[Extending this post a bit. Beware Spoilers ahead]

What did the ending really mean ? Confused ? Let me explain :

Rahul (Arjun) and Maya (Chitrangada) express their love for each other (in a shady wash room with a flickering light, too dramatic eh !) . Rahul’s assumption that Maya sleeps around with bosses to climb up the ladder turns out wrong.

Maya has almost lost the sexual harassment case, if she looses all her hard work and reputation goes waste. Rahul’s love for Maya doesn’t want this to happen, to save her from this embarrassment Rahul quits the job and moves to Saharanpur.

Maya gets to know Rahul has quit the job. She picks up a poster of 3 people riding on one bike, pauses, smiles and she too quits the job.

There is catch here, if you can recall while they were in Thailand discussing the bike AD , the night before the presentation. Rahul tells Maya that he is from Saharanpur.

So, Maya picks up a poster of 3 people riding on one bike, pauses and smiles (coz she knows Rahul’s destination). she to quits the job, goes to Saharanpur. Rahul and Maya then live happily ever after in Saharanpur :).


Keep the Change : Nirupama Subramanian

March 4, 2011

Damayanti Balachandran “D” is an intelligent Madrasi gal from a conservative Brahmin family. She has been studious, without much fun in school and college. She hates her job and to top her worries, her parents are pestering her to get married. She decides to go for a corporate job in Mumbai. Her life suddenly changes, she has to now deal with corporate madness, her bosses and a size zero room-mate. “D” visits Goa for a corporate training, returns falling in love. Further story is how “D” manages her love, career and betrayal.

Image from Harper Collins site

The plot is nothing new, the story is very predictable. The only savior I felt is the witty humor that keep you smiling throughout the read. If you are, traveling or say you need a relaxing read with “दिमाग की बत्ती off” then this book is an excellent choice. Its not riveting yet not  boring, its witty and time-pass read.

Verdict: I rate this chick flick average, however it is a pleasant read.

The Fist of God : Fredrick Forsyth

November 6, 2010

The plot in Fist of God is based on the first Gulf war, Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, followed by the American war on Iraq few months later. Many of the details are based on the facts of the Gulf war. The topic is well researched, I really admire Forsyth books for this reason. And ofcourse like his other books its a pacy read.

After Iraq invasion of Kuwait, Arab states panic. America utilizes the situation, to make Saudi Arabia believe that their oil wells are in danger. Meanwhile the intelligence agencies CIA, SIS and Mossad of the USA, Great Britain and Israel respectively try to understand the next steps and motivation of Saddam Hussein using intelligence intercepts and a high profile mole in Saddam’s cabinet. Americans plan Operation Dessert Shield that transforms to Operation Dessert Storm to attack Iraq. Allied forces come to know about a dangerous secret weapon of Iraq, “Fist of God”. Later part describes how the Allied forces find what the weapon is, where it is and how they destroy it.

My gist of the book sounds boring, however  the book has many interesting espionage plots and gulf war facts makes the read very entertaining. I would not classify this book to be as good as The Day of the Jackal. But better than the Icon.

I give a thumbs up to this book, worth a read.

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The Day of the Jackal

August 18, 2010

The book starts off with the plot to kill Charles De Gaulle, President of France by Jean Bastien Thiry. This is adopted from a real life attempt to kill the President, by the OAS to show thier anger and discontent on granting Independence to Algeria.

OAS a secret military organization that failed to prevent independence of Algeria, wanted to kill the president seeking vengence . The chief of OAS, Aurgoud is captured by the French, the organization becomes weaker. Their network in France was easily infiltrated by French police and intelligence. During this time, Rodin, deputy to Aurgoud takes over and decides to make a final attempt to assassinate Charles De Gaulle. They hired a foriegn assasin “Jackal” for this task.

Now on the book becomes unput-downable. Jackal starts his meticulous preparation, he flicks the passports of an American tourist and a pastor from Brussels. He gets a custom made rifle for the job from Belgium. French intelligence get to know about this plot when one of the body guards of Rodin reveals all this information.

All that the French know is that a foriegn assisin is hired to kill the President of France. They do not know who it is or when and where this going to happen. Its gets more interesting from here on, how the French police with the help of Scotland yard go about tracking the Jackal. Go grab the book to know how things unfold further.

The book is fast paced, and the author is witty. Sometimes I wondered if the author was a goon to know all tricks of trade. The plot is very well thought of, with no loose ends. This is by far one of the best thrillers I’ve read.

A big thumbs-up for the “The Day of the Jackal”.


August 8, 2010
I watched the movie Inception today. The movie is based on a simple subject, however I felt the way this subject is treated is truly marvelous. I say the subject is simple because the its about dreams and manipulating people. The way Christopher Nolan, blends these two subjects with the peppering of a sci-fi angle and an emotional angle makes the movie interesting.

Dominic Cobb played by Leonardo-Di-Caprio is an “extractor”. He gains access to an individual’s subconscious mind by getting into their dreams, while they are sleeping, and extracts information from the individual’s mind. The main plot of the movie is how Cobb goes about  doing a job of an inception, i.e. to brood and idea into an individual’s mind. While performing this job Cobb has to overcome his emotional problems and the challenges involved in inception.

Somethings I felt were ridiculous in the movie, while the van is plunging to water, Cobb and team float (zero gravity) in their dream. What does the physical state of the dreamer’s body have to do with their dream !! And some scenes of Cobb with his wife were slow drags.

However the concept of time within dreams, different levels of dreams, architecting the dreamworld were all intriguing. This concept is not all fictional, I found this reference of lucid dreaming from the wikipedia page for Inception.

I feel such movies kind of give direction to where the science is heading. They in some ways give us power to push our thoughts beyond the walls of science to give us that thrill and the sense of awe while watching it. Christopher Nolan I must say, has been to a great extent providing the thrill and awe with the movie “Inception”.

I give a thumbs-up to this movie and classify it as a must watch !!

Up in the Air : Movie

March 1, 2010

Watched Up in The Air as planned. The academy award nominations are very deserving for this movie I feel.

Ryan(George Clooney) lives every man’s dream (at-least mine). He travels fanatically, free from relationship hassles, he is all alone doing whatever he wants. Kind of surreal isn’t it ? everything going for him. Until Alex (Vera Farmiga) comes into his life. Ryan and Alex both enjoy spending time with each other. Things start changing after attending his sisters marriage with Alex.

He begins to feel the emptiness in his life, even though he has got everything he has ever wanted. As he understands the truth of his life, he gets surrounded by loneliness and the movie ends.

I feel that in every ones life there will be such moment(s), this is when you realize that all you were chasing was nonsense. There is nothing you can get out of it, it just brings void to your life. Ignorance is bliss in such matters I feel, however the tragedy is one does not stay ignorant all his life. There will be a moment when one will get into this chasm.

There are parts that just displays irony of life. Natalie (Anna Kendrick) an ambitious co-worker of Ryan introduces a new process of firing people online, later her boy friend dumps her by a text message. Just to show life is fair to all, in all ways.

I must say this movie is good one time watch

Icon : Frederick Forsyth

January 20, 2010

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The first part of Icon felt as though I’m reading one of the best thrillers. The first 2/3rd of the book is awesome fast paced and action packed. However the remaining 1/3rd is disappointing after the initial build up.

The story is set in late 90s after the break up of USSR to Russia. The entire deal begins when a top secret file goes missing, from the Igor Kamarov’s headquarters. Kamarov is the most popular presidential candidate, who is guaranteed to win the elections. This file gets into the hands of British secret service and the Kamarov’s fascistic plan is revealed to them.

Meanwhile a flashback on Jason Monk runs in parallel. How he joined CIA, and the shrewd ways in which he hired Soviet agents. A high profile CIA agent, Aldrich Ames, works for the Soviets, provides them the names of the Russian agents working for CIA. One by one his Monk’s Soviet agents either get caught or go missing. Unable to keep the promises given to his agents, furious Monk revolts to get himself expelled out of CIA.

When this file reaches the hands of the former SIS (Secret Intelligence service) head, Nigel Irvine. He and the covert group on learning the contents of the file, decide to take the matters into their hands, to disallow Kamarov’s victory. They decide to hire Monk for this job. It then gets very interesting the way in which Kamarov’s political machinery is destroyed one by one.

After this that story kind of loosens the grip. Jason Monk is always aware of what Kamarov’s men are planning, and is prepared for a counter attack. This kind of feels unreal.

This is the first Frederick Forsyth book I’m reading, I really like his narration and the pace of the story. The book tells the way in which secret agents work, hire assets and the state of Russia after the disintegration of USSR, I found these interesting. I give Icon a 3 out of 5.