2015; first and last

December 31, 2015

While thoughts kept crossing my mind to revive this space, procrastination got the better of me. This is going to be the first and last post of the year 2015.

2015 highlights:

  • Became dad of a gorgeous little princess. Have had some wonderful moments with the kid and family. I’m having helluva time and hope it’s going to get better next year. Yeah! I’m greedy with this one.
  • Changed my job. It’s ok not the greatest of the decisions. But yeah 100 times better than the previous one, in terms of office politics and all that.?
  • I could not complete any of my hobby projects my MacBook stopped working, a motherboard issue that cannot be repaired. These hobby projects give me some sort of fulfilment in terms of work I want to do. 
  • I said a firm “NO”, to few things. Lot of time spent over these in last couple of years it’s now worth nothing, Happy that it’s off my back.

2015 was a year where my bucket list grew rapidly, but accomplishments were very few.

Looking forward to 2016:

  • Complete one hobby project every month.
  • Make a habit of waking up before 6 AM.
  • Sleep for 7 hours.
  • Become more fit: exercise, cycling, jogging
  • Read 2 books every month
  • Blog here more regularly.
  • Start a tech blog.
  • Travel to a new place every month.
  • Try two new restaurants every month.
  • Be more open and not shy.

I’ve kind of planned most of 2016 in my head hope I can match it with action this time.

Happy and a prosperous new year to everyone !!


Time : Go Figure…

August 12, 2013

Time, it keeps ticking,  tick-tock…

It doesn’t care for anyone. The oldest, the fastest, more, less, success, failure all measured against time. It is so important at the same-time, so arrogant , so stubborn, it refuses to wait for anyone, it keeps ticking. tick-tock…


I got a year older already !! Time is flying so fast… tick-tock…

The Time; its so cruel, but then…
Have I given Time its due respect ? an easy answer:  NO.
Should I start respecting Time ? again an easy answer:  Hell !! Yes.
Do I know how to do this Umm…yeah! kind of…Umm…well! Not really!…

Go “Figure, how to respect Time !!” before I run out of it.

Alive and Breathing

December 30, 2012

Sorry to disappoint I’m not dead. Back from an un-intended break !

For almost a year I could not muster time to write one short blog !! I’m the best of all the worsts in time-management. Need anymore proof ?

Its not that I ignored this space completely, blogs were always on my mind, topics would pop-up and fade out. One thing I know for fact now is that blogs are best written when the topic is hot and fresh in mind. Pushing it to later squeezes the juice out of the matter and the motivation to write.

Thats not all, I’ve two blogs, its hard to decide where to post what. I’m more fond of my wordpress blog than the one on blogger. It takes me to my past, and makes me smile on how I used to be and what I’ve become 🙂 Not sure in a good or bad way.

Closing my blogger blog !
More coming your way here, get set !!

[image credits : 2leggedtripod]
im Back!

When the Lights Go Out

August 4, 2010

Thunderstorm arrives, power outage! How do you occupy your time?

Writing, Reading, Hacking and Making Music: My Room

What a right time to ask this question !

At this point in time I’m pursuing multiple hobbies. Power-cut will not matter much. Following are the things that I could do

1. I could pick up a book and start reading.

2. Pick up the guitar and practice the two notes that I know as of today, A Major and E Major.

3. Probably put on my trunks and go for swimming.

4. Pickup my camera and start shooting, objects in different angles.

Worst case forget everything and enjoy a good nice sleep.

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Things that keep you ticking through the drudgery of life

November 17, 2009

Amazing Photos…
There little moments in life sometimes goes totally unnoticed. The drudgery of life takes away the great happiness from these little moments that cannot be ever relived. Looking back sometimes you become aware that those where the good days we spent with realizing it. Enjoy every moment, squeeze out happiness out of every second lived…

View the pic here : http://shivanandpb.posterous.com/things-that-keep-you-ticking-through-the-drud

An interesting view on Marriage

March 23, 2007

A neat article on Marriage. We bachelors consider marriages to be a nightmare, the author has a interesting take on it. I must say to a large part I agree with the author.

Marriage: Made in Heaven « ShaktiPower

Memories of bygone year – 2006

January 2, 2007

One more year is passed. 2006 has been a fairly good year to me. I don’t have a great memory to log every event that occurred, will log the few that I can recall.

Professionally it was kind of satisfying year. We (me and a colleague) were working on an application, which was supposed to help our company market and showcase the usability of one of our still graphic product (the product was not doing that well, despite its excellent quality and high usability). We took close to 8 months to finish the project it was actually scheduled to be a 2 month project. The application actually evolved from a very simple specification, to a complicated one. We actually went on to create a new file format learnt a lot about of Threads, timers, tweaks to make UI responsive, cross platform programming, supporting different architectures, a bit of Image processing and yeah, finally learnt to use Visual Studio. Being a Mac programmer I was more used to Project builder and XCode, now I can confidently say I can work on Windows as well. The Application we developed was a major hit with all the users, the sales of the product slowly increased. Now its the second best selling product among our company’s products. It feels real good when users in forums appreciate the work. As a result got a good hike. After engineering when I started to work I was one among the lowest paid from our Computer Science Batch. Well, it has changed, now I guess now I’ll be at-least in top 15 in terms of remuneration. I got a business VISA stamping to the US of A. Finally a page of my passport got used.

Personally as-well it was a better when compared to 2004 and 2005. Went to Goa and Mysore (Srirangapatana) with friends it was real fun. Bought a motor bike, a Pulsar for myself. Oh ! yeah and how can I forget I have learnt cooking, one thing that I thought will never be possible. Made some real good friends in office. Found some real old friends, whom I thought I’ll never meet. It was a memorable year. By the way this was the year I got addicted to blogging as-well.

I hadn’t set any goals or anything for 2006, I just took it the way it came to me. But 2007 is not going to be that way, I’ve got lots of plans for 2007. Hope that I meet all my goals set for 2007.