Inkaar : Ends disappointingly

February 1, 2013

The movie starts with a lot of promise. Arjun, CEO of an AD agency is accused of sexual harassment, by his own protegé Chitrangada. Movie narrates the 2 long days of investigation of this accusation. “He says, She says” arguments, back and forth between past and present. It nicely builds up the anticipation of who might be wrong. Songs are good. I liked the first half . Chitrangada looking fab, Arjun looks comfortable and sticks nicely to the role.

Trouble starts in the second half, movie begins to drag. Few things in the story stops making sense, it looks made up, the hype and the drama slowly fizzle out. The last nail in the coffin is the ending. Ending makes this good plot, the nicely built suspense all laughable, absolutely rubbish.

This is the second movie I saw this week that started with a great promise and ended as a damp squib, that was Talaash. It’s a simple rule “All’s well that ends well !!”.


To summarize, Inkaar a Sudhir Mishra movie, an interesting plot, Arjun and Chitrangada looking fab, awesome background score, good songs, and a pathetic ending. Should you watch it ? It’s okay to watch it one time, if you like Arjun and Chitrangada.


[Extending this post a bit. Beware Spoilers ahead]

What did the ending really mean ? Confused ? Let me explain :

Rahul (Arjun) and Maya (Chitrangada) express their love for each other (in a shady wash room with a flickering light, too dramatic eh !) . Rahul’s assumption that Maya sleeps around with bosses to climb up the ladder turns out wrong.

Maya has almost lost the sexual harassment case, if she looses all her hard work and reputation goes waste. Rahul’s love for Maya doesn’t want this to happen, to save her from this embarrassment Rahul quits the job and moves to Saharanpur.

Maya gets to know Rahul has quit the job. She picks up a poster of 3 people riding on one bike, pauses, smiles and she too quits the job.

There is catch here, if you can recall while they were in Thailand discussing the bike AD , the night before the presentation. Rahul tells Maya that he is from Saharanpur.

So, Maya picks up a poster of 3 people riding on one bike, pauses and smiles (coz she knows Rahul’s destination). she to quits the job, goes to Saharanpur. Rahul and Maya then live happily ever after in Saharanpur :).


Stand up comedian : Awesome Ending

February 4, 2010

What’s your Rashee ? Movie Review

September 30, 2009

What’s your Rashee ? is so much unlike a typical Ashutosh Gowariker movie. Its not a historical epic, it has nothing thought provoking. Its is a simple romantic “mindless” comedy.

Its very light-hearted movie. The story is about Yogesh Patel, a MBA Grad from Chicago. Circumstances force Yogesh to get married in less than 2 weeks time. Yogesh is now faced with a tough job of finding a bride for himself. He comes up with this crazy idea of meeting one lady of every sun sign and to select one of them to be his bride. In this way he ends up meeting 12 Priyanka Chopra(s).

Every character of Priyanka exhibits certain personality traits of a particular sun-sign. Priyanka as always looks great but her roles are so so. The movie does not provide any chance for a great performances. Harman’s does a decent job. However you need to keep reminding yourself that you are watching Harman and not some Hrithik Roshan duplicate. However Jitu Bhai’s portrayal is awesome.

This is a good time pass movie. Certainly value for money I feel. Go watch it, its worth one watch.

PS: This is a 3.5 hrs movie after cutting 2 songs. There are songs every 15 mins.

New York : Movie Review

June 29, 2009

New York - Poster2
The Departed inspired + 9/11 plot + a religious angle + a triangular love story = an awfully dissapointing movie, New York.

The movie reveals how the Asians especially Asian Muslims were treated in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. 1200 people were detained under the patriot act, even the faintest suspects were arrested and detained. The movie shows the horrific mental and physical abuse these detainees were subjected to by the American agencies. After 3 years 1000 detainees were released as not guilty. They trying hard to recover from the mental trauma they had gone through.

New York - Poster1

The story is about 3 friends Omar (Neil Nitin Mukesh), Maya (Katrina Kaif) and Samir (John Abraham) and how their lives changes in the aftermath 9/11 attacks. The movie begins with the FBI agent, Roshaan (Irfaan Khan), picking up Omar for transporting illegal arms. Omar, begins a flash back of his time with Samir and Maya at NYU as students. Samir is suspected to be abetting terrorism. The FBI force Omar to spy on Samir, to prevent future attacks and to plan their capture. The movie then goes in a typical bollywood way after the re-union, Omar recalling his love for Maya, who is now married to Samir. Many scenes I felt were “inspired” by The Departed, especially the scenes with Roshaan and Omar.

The acting was good by all the characters, Kartina for once has acted good, direction was also not bad. I some how was not able to relate to the story, the ending especially. I felt the ending of the movie was a total spoil sport. A very good thought that the movie was trying to project, was lost due all the hara-kiri in last 15 mins.

If you are wanting to watch a good hindi movie, after the prolonged movie drought due to the strike. New York will disappoint you, I certainly was disappointed.

Partner Video Download

April 20, 2008

Partner Hindi Movie

Was searching Partner Video downloads, found a few links thought of sharing…

1) Maria Maria
2) Dupatta tera nau rang ka
3) Soni de Nakhre
4) Do you wanna partner

Abi-Aish wedding is over !! what next ??

April 24, 2007

For last couple of weeks news-papers and news channels were flooded with Abi-Aish wedding news. So much media hype and media coverage, for once I thought that life is all about marriage. Man !! Aishwarya and Abhishek are getting married, it in no ways affect me or the billions of people of our country, then why so much hype !!! Why should Main stream news channels and news paper cover it with so much vigor. Its a news yeah, but is it important enough to make it to the front page ?

I thought its finally over !!! But no there is more…today’s newspaper talks about their honeymoon plans, Will they do it in Venice or not ? Man !!! This is heights !!!

So what next ?

The following can be future news…
– Should Amithabh take up a role of wedding planner ?
– A public debate on when Abi-Aish should have kids ?
– Will Abhishek make a good dad ? Aish be a good mom ? how about grandpa and grand mom ?
– Opinion poll on whether the couple will have a boy or a gal ?
– A public debate on whether the name of the kid should start with ‘A’ ?
– Should the kid do higher studies ? coz if the kid is planning to be a actor what the point in higher studies ? The seat can be offered to OBC quota.

Lets see which of these will be true ?