15 Things to Know About Steve Jobs

August 25, 2010


Indian Innovators in the Fore-front of Green Technology

March 7, 2010

Following link points to a good article by Thomas Friedman on serial innovators K.R. Sridhar and Vinod Khosla on their Green Startups.

Dreaming the impossible Dream

The article talks about how America even in the times of recession provides scope for innovators to dream their dream.

Reading the article I felt really proud for the two Indians, on what they have accomplished. The whole world is talking about green energy and green tech, these gentlemen have done something incredible with doing much talking.

Vinod Koshla’s startup Calera converts CO2 (Carbon-di-oxide) generated by power plants to CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate) bricks, avoiding the CO2 emission to the atmosphere.

K.R. Sridhar has been on news after he featured on 60 minutes. His start-up Bloom Energy, has a green solution called Bloom Box. Bloom boxes generates electricity at 8 to 10 cents a kilowatt of electricity using Natural gas or Bio-gas.

I wish them a grand success in their endeavors. We’ll need many more such innovation to save our planet and to provide everyone clean and affordable energy solutions.

Jyoti Basu: An Appraisal

January 26, 2010

Jyoti Basu: An Appraisal

Reading the above article makes me wonder, how well people remember every close miss, mistakes, follies one makes . With out giving credit to his contributions.

Image via wikimedia

Image via wikimedia

I’m no great fan of CPI(M) or Jyoti Basu, however the way the article is written intrigues me. If Jyoti Basu knew he would be remembered this way (as described in the article), would he have served people for 23 years !! I seriously feel the man deserves more respect.

What is Micropayment

September 8, 2009

So, what is a micropayment? It is a non-cash transaction — using mobile phones or swipe cards — involving payment of less than Rs 250. The basic objective is to enable small purchases without using cash. For example, a villager buying soap worth Rs 20 should be able to pay for it from his mobile. Here is how: a user registers with a micropayment provider by sending an SMS. Post-registration, he recharges his micropayment account using a coupon. He can then go to any merchant registered with that provider, and make purchases by sending SMSes. In such transactions, the profit margin is very low, to the tune of 1.5-3 per cent, which is why companies need massive volumes to run their businesses profitably.

The article gives a good idea of what is micro-payment, and its current state in India. In case of India this seems to be a good idea, if people are educated about it and if the service is marketed well.

There is a huge % of population who do not hold a bank account and can be benefited by this, especially in rural India. To make micro-payment profitable, companies should partner with FMCG companies and concentrate on rural India more than urban India, I feel. FMCG companies have a great supply chain, they reach even the remotest corners on India. This penetration should be capitalized on along with the mobile companies.

Micro-payment becoming a threat to Credit cards, I don’t see it happening in near future. The awareness of micro-payment is very very low, in its current state people would go for credit cards, any day.

Quote : Credit Crunch

March 11, 2009

"What worries me most about the credit

 crunch is that if one of my cheques

 is returned stamped "insufficient funds",

 I won't know whether that refers to mine or the banks!"

10 Companies gain Rs 66,000 Cr in MCap

February 2, 2009

Amid these troubled times Indian economy is going great guns. Last week the country’s 10 most valued firms witness an addition of over Rs 66,000 Crore in their market capitalization. It included 6 public and 4 private sector companies. Reliance Industries again hit  Rs 2 trillion valuations.

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Steve Jobs dating game – 1983

January 29, 2009

Watch the video…

More I learn about Steve Jobs more I admire him. It was a PR stunt, it really worked then. Look at the faith Bill Gates had in Macintosh platform, so did everyone then.

Little did Jobs (or for that matter Bill Gates) know then that few years later, the same Bill Gates would give his dear platform a scare of extinction by introducing his dear Windows platform.