2015; first and last

December 31, 2015

While thoughts kept crossing my mind to revive this space, procrastination got the better of me. This is going to be the first and last post of the year 2015.

2015 highlights:

  • Became dad of a gorgeous little princess. Have had some wonderful moments with the kid and family. I’m having helluva time and hope it’s going to get better next year. Yeah! I’m greedy with this one.
  • Changed my job. It’s ok not the greatest of the decisions. But yeah 100 times better than the previous one, in terms of office politics and all that.?
  • I could not complete any of my hobby projects my MacBook stopped working, a motherboard issue that cannot be repaired. These hobby projects give me some sort of fulfilment in terms of work I want to do. 
  • I said a firm “NO”, to few things. Lot of time spent over these in last couple of years it’s now worth nothing, Happy that it’s off my back.

2015 was a year where my bucket list grew rapidly, but accomplishments were very few.

Looking forward to 2016:

  • Complete one hobby project every month.
  • Make a habit of waking up before 6 AM.
  • Sleep for 7 hours.
  • Become more fit: exercise, cycling, jogging
  • Read 2 books every month
  • Blog here more regularly.
  • Start a tech blog.
  • Travel to a new place every month.
  • Try two new restaurants every month.
  • Be more open and not shy.

I’ve kind of planned most of 2016 in my head hope I can match it with action this time.

Happy and a prosperous new year to everyone !!


Alive and Breathing

December 30, 2012

Sorry to disappoint I’m not dead. Back from an un-intended break !

For almost a year I could not muster time to write one short blog !! I’m the best of all the worsts in time-management. Need anymore proof ?

Its not that I ignored this space completely, blogs were always on my mind, topics would pop-up and fade out. One thing I know for fact now is that blogs are best written when the topic is hot and fresh in mind. Pushing it to later squeezes the juice out of the matter and the motivation to write.

Thats not all, I’ve two blogs, its hard to decide where to post what. I’m more fond of my wordpress blog than the one on blogger. It takes me to my past, and makes me smile on how I used to be and what I’ve become ­čÖé Not sure in a good or bad way.

Closing my blogger blog !
More coming your way here, get set !!

[image credits : 2leggedtripod]
im Back!

More active on Blogger

October 3, 2010

Hey folks,

Just wanted to mention that I’m more actively blogging with my blogger account. Do follow me there.


Cheers keep blogging…

NGC Awesome Photographs

September 11, 2010

Define Greatness !

August 16, 2010

How do you define greatness ?

One who is the best in what he does ? Numbers and facts of an individual that proves he is great ?


One who can arouse emotions in a group of people, every time he comes to do/perform whatever he is good at. The emotion that drives into people when they speak about him/her.

I feel its the latter. No numbers, no certificates can make or prove he or she is great. Its emotions that drives through people makes some one great. Its a charisma that cannot be built in one day. He/She has to go through their ups and downs in the front eyes of the people, achieving and losing many things to be able to drive such emotions. People should be able to relate to what he/she does to understand that he/she is great and celebrate his/her greatness.

I feel greatness is kind of a perception. Its is not a false perception, it is true perception because it get developed over long period of time, sometime it takes life time of a person.

I couldn’t help rubbishing the following article, claiming that Sehwag is greater that Sachin Tendulkar.

Bradman best, Sehwag greater than Sachin: Study

The numbers the economist have come up with does not have anything to do with the greatness of any individual. They are mere a fact of their performances. Some one with best records need not necessarily be great. It the perception of the people that make individual great.

Stuck – Blogger’s Block

July 30, 2010
I came across this good post on tips for blogging.
These are simple points but I agree they have on impact on reader. There is one point I face as a blogger. Sometime I get into what I call Blogger’s block, where you cannot think of any topic to blog. I’m currently stuck in one such block. Every topic seems too naive to blog. Laziness also plays some part in this.

<Deep Thought

I plan to break this block by posting some of my travel experiences of last few months. Hopefully that will give my blogging another kickstart.

Fatness can lead to ‘brain shrinkage’

August 26, 2009

The moment I shared this news with a friend, she was quick to point out we will get back to being monkeys. Yes big fat old monkeys. The only thing that differentiates us from the rest is the big lazy brain we are all blessed with. If that start shrinking we might get back to being monkeys, reverse evolution. Older one gets, more the monkey he or she will be.

Fatness can lead to ‘brain shrinkage’ – Health – Health & Fitness – LIFE & STYLE – The Times of India

The research involving 94 people in their 70s showed that people with higher body mass indexes had smaller brains on average, with the frontal and temporal lobes – important for planning and memory, respectively – particularly affected.