The Day of the Jackal

The book starts off with the plot to kill Charles De Gaulle, President of France by Jean Bastien Thiry. This is adopted from a real life attempt to kill the President, by the OAS to show thier anger and discontent on granting Independence to Algeria.

OAS a secret military organization that failed to prevent independence of Algeria, wanted to kill the president seeking vengence . The chief of OAS, Aurgoud is captured by the French, the organization becomes weaker. Their network in France was easily infiltrated by French police and intelligence. During this time, Rodin, deputy to Aurgoud takes over and decides to make a final attempt to assassinate Charles De Gaulle. They hired a foriegn assasin “Jackal” for this task.

Now on the book becomes unput-downable. Jackal starts his meticulous preparation, he flicks the passports of an American tourist and a pastor from Brussels. He gets a custom made rifle for the job from Belgium. French intelligence get to know about this plot when one of the body guards of Rodin reveals all this information.

All that the French know is that a foriegn assisin is hired to kill the President of France. They do not know who it is or when and where this going to happen. Its gets more interesting from here on, how the French police with the help of Scotland yard go about tracking the Jackal. Go grab the book to know how things unfold further.

The book is fast paced, and the author is witty. Sometimes I wondered if the author was a goon to know all tricks of trade. The plot is very well thought of, with no loose ends. This is by far one of the best thrillers I’ve read.

A big thumbs-up for the “The Day of the Jackal”.


2 Responses to The Day of the Jackal

  1. Pradeep says:

    Try Odessa file by the same author.
    Try authors like Jack Higgins and Tom clancy for more thrillers.
    My All time favourite is JHC , albiet he was one of the most critisized author while he lived.

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