Define Greatness !

How do you define greatness ?

One who is the best in what he does ? Numbers and facts of an individual that proves he is great ?


One who can arouse emotions in a group of people, every time he comes to do/perform whatever he is good at. The emotion that drives into people when they speak about him/her.

I feel its the latter. No numbers, no certificates can make or prove he or she is great. Its emotions that drives through people makes some one great. Its a charisma that cannot be built in one day. He/She has to go through their ups and downs in the front eyes of the people, achieving and losing many things to be able to drive such emotions. People should be able to relate to what he/she does to understand that he/she is great and celebrate his/her greatness.

I feel greatness is kind of a perception. Its is not a false perception, it is true perception because it get developed over long period of time, sometime it takes life time of a person.

I couldn’t help rubbishing the following article, claiming that Sehwag is greater that Sachin Tendulkar.

Bradman best, Sehwag greater than Sachin: Study

The numbers the economist have come up with does not have anything to do with the greatness of any individual. They are mere a fact of their performances. Some one with best records need not necessarily be great. It the perception of the people that make individual great.


10 Responses to Define Greatness !

  1. Naveena says:

    I too read this in the paper. Well, people will say all sorts of rubbish to feel noticed. So, Just because someone says sehwag is better than sachin doesn’t mean anything 🙂 Sehwag has it in him to be called great but then definitely not better than the little master[as of today].

  2. aashithraj says:

    Well in sports stats do speak of greatness in case it is achieved over a long and colorful career. Economists are trained to just look at sheer numbers and tend to forget what real greatness is made up off.

    I agree with you that greatness is not just numbers but a measure of how those numbers were achieved and in what circumstances. For a long part of his career Tendulkar was the only player who could win a match for India on his own. With the advent of other greats and match winners he could relax a bit. Until recently he was the only player who could turn the match on his own. And he did that with sheer class and modesty. Anyway these economists must be Australians or British who have nothing else to do 🙂

  3. ಸಿಂಧೂ says:

    Greatness is the perception of goodness of one’s deeds….. well, what did I mean?

  4. Pradeep says:

    Its a shame that you guys being engineers do not believe in numbers. How do you guys manage your projects if you do not believe in statistics 🙂
    I m sorry if m sounding critical, but there’s nothing personal here, and pl correct me if I am wrng.

    My own view:
    Point # 1: Sehwag might not be a great cricketer, but he is no selfish crickter either. He plays soley for his country and does not play for individual records, while many a times, be it test or one day, Sachin has has shown his other side.
    Point #2:
    Lot of cricketers got overshadowed( such as Rahul dravid, Saurav) because of him, great players every 1 of them.
    Point #3: Tendulkar cannot handle the pressure of a batsmen, when he is given the captain’s cap, while other greats excel( such as Ricky, Steve, Imran to name a few)

    • shivanandpb says:

      I get your point. Ideally speaking numbers are a good metric.

      My point here is does not matter how good the stats are, people generally go by the perception they have developed. In real world I feel Greatness is a perception among people, certainly backed by good numbers. Otherwise how can one explain Sachin, overshadowing excellent players like Dravid and Saurav.

      Greatness is subjective I feel, numbers are good. Need not necessarily work some real life cases.

  5. Pankaj Bhardwaj says:

    people who are talking about greatness amongst Sachin, Sehwag or Bradman are not aware of the word. Greatness is the domain of people who made sacrifices for the people and society at large and affected change in the world rather revolution. The greatness is not achieved by scoring centuries and runs in a game of farce may be popular. Many a great people even were not popular. There is no meaning of greatness without sacrifice. The meaning & whole purpose of greatness is no popularity, wealth or success. If that is the greatness nobody is greater than Ambanies, Mittals or the kind of people who employ Sachin, Sehwag or Dhoni. They may be better players, there may come even better players. The Cricket has already seen the sort of greatness of Mankad, Gavasker, Richerds, Lloyds,Kapil Dev and so many the list is endless, the names which have been assigned to archives. This is not the case with Socraites, Jesus, Budha, Mahatma Gandhi.

  6. peter says:

    Greatness is the ability to care less for urself and much to others

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