When the Lights Go Out

Thunderstorm arrives, power outage! How do you occupy your time?

Writing, Reading, Hacking and Making Music: My Room

What a right time to ask this question !

At this point in time I’m pursuing multiple hobbies. Power-cut will not matter much. Following are the things that I could do

1. I could pick up a book and start reading.

2. Pick up the guitar and practice the two notes that I know as of today, A Major and E Major.

3. Probably put on my trunks and go for swimming.

4. Pickup my camera and start shooting, objects in different angles.

Worst case forget everything and enjoy a good nice sleep.

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6 Responses to When the Lights Go Out

  1. Pradeep says:

    Wajjuche sonu baaki purya kartha nawe…..

  2. shivanandpb says:


  3. Vishvesh says:

    Your worst case is my default case.

  4. shivanandpb says:

    @aashithraj yeah I know at Pocket tanks ha(d/s) a great effect on you ๐Ÿ™‚

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