Stuck – Blogger’s Block

I came across this good post on tips for blogging.
These are simple points but I agree they have on impact on reader. There is one point I face as a blogger. Sometime I get into what I call Blogger’s block, where you cannot think of any topic to blog. I’m currently stuck in one such block. Every topic seems too naive to blog. Laziness also plays some part in this.

<Deep Thought

I plan to break this block by posting some of my travel experiences of last few months. Hopefully that will give my blogging another kickstart.

4 Responses to Stuck – Blogger’s Block

  1. Vishvesh says:

    Best of luck man. In the mean while you can try blogging about the Nvidia issue. Blast Yogesh Kini for being part of the company which created this problem. Options are too many.

  2. shivanandpb says:

    Right now don’t have internet at home, once its back blogging should be regular…

  3. aashithraj says:

    You are so very right about the blogger’s block. After completing 100 posts I am now at a stage where everything looks too mundane to blog on. The spark that you have when you blog during your initial days also seems to be missing. You just need to find that one good topic which titillates your senses and you are on your way. The best as I have myself realized is to write what you like without minding on who reads it or not. If you like it trust me there will be a set of people who will like it. Till such time keep searching. Hope your travelogues will get you out of this block 🙂

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