Illustration on Art of Persuasion

Following link points to an interesting illustration on the art of persuasion.

I’ve experienced this myself. Whenever there are multiple options and there is a lot of uncertainty, on what to do next ? or there are things that I would say NO to, because I am averse of doing it or consider that it is not possible for me, kinds. However once take a stand or make a commitment I tend to go ahead and do it which I earlier would not have done or have hesitated to agree.

Well !! not tried this funda on others. If I get an opportunity I probably can try it out.

However isn’t this manipulating the thoughts of the person to get our job, in a way that the other person gives consent for what we want?


2 Responses to Illustration on Art of Persuasion

  1. Vishvesh says:

    Sounds interesting.

  2. Pradeep says:

    Sounds very much like Sallu’s dialogue from Wanted
    “Ek baar jho maine commitment kar di, uske baad maine khud apni bhi nahi sunta”

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