Tiger count 2 down

Just now heard this news on CNN-IBN, 2 tigers were poisoned by the villagers in Ranathambore. What does this tell us about our grand campaign to save tiger. I really do not understand the funda of this Aircel promoted save tiger campaign.

[image via wikipedia.com]

This campaign came to lime-light after Aircel promoted it. I believe Aircel did this just for publicity, the strips matched their company logo and I must say they got a lot of publicity out of it. There are Facebook and Orkut groups that publicize the save tiger campaign, I really wonder how becoming a fan or member of such a group, helps save tigers ? Further there is a campaign for blogging on this topic. I might sound cynical, but can someone make me understand how all this can help save tigers ?

Ah ! there is one straight forward answer, this way we are building awareness. This is utter nonsense.

The villagers poisoned 2 tigers in Ranatambore because they felt a danger from the tigers. Oh ! BTW most of these people might not have known about the save tiger campaign, they might not have ever used internet to see the media uproar. These are the people who really needs to be educated, the forest officials should be more alert and informed.

I feel to see good results in any kind of save tiger campaign,we need to provide funding to Government agencies and work with them to carry out a good tiger conservation plan. Further educate concerned parties, villagers staying close to forests and the forest officials.

I truly feel creating a false uproar with media campaigns does not take us anywhere in conserving our flora and founa.


4 Responses to Tiger count 2 down

  1. Vishvesh says:

    I have been thinking the same too. Guys who use Internet normally don’t hunt tigers or any other wild animals. TV and Radio to some extent is valid as long as it’s shown in doordarshan.

    Aircel’s campaign is just a publicity stunt.

    • shivanandpb says:

      Glad that that you agree with my view, most of the media hoopla will not serve the purpose…

      thanks for the comment, keep visiting 🙂

  2. Pai says:

    If you read the entire campaign from the site, you will see a link where you can donate generously to the foundation in conserving tigers. Moreover, if you see tigers are hunted for their skin and other body parts for medicinal value. This means that the upper strata of society are also as guilty as the poachers, who pay exuberant amount to get a chunk of this.
    Ergo, its only through media and the iternet media,that we can propogate this awareness and try to stop this abuse.

    • shivanandpb says:

      Yes agreed upper strata of the society is one of the guilty parties. However I believe taking a bottom up approach will be more productive and gets to the root of the problem than going top down solving the problem…

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