Up in the Air : Movie

Watched Up in The Air as planned. The academy award nominations are very deserving for this movie I feel.

Ryan(George Clooney) lives every man’s dream (at-least mine). He travels fanatically, free from relationship hassles, he is all alone doing whatever he wants. Kind of surreal isn’t it ? everything going for him. Until Alex (Vera Farmiga) comes into his life. Ryan and Alex both enjoy spending time with each other. Things start changing after attending his sisters marriage with Alex.

He begins to feel the emptiness in his life, even though he has got everything he has ever wanted. As he understands the truth of his life, he gets surrounded by loneliness and the movie ends.

I feel that in every ones life there will be such moment(s), this is when you realize that all you were chasing was nonsense. There is nothing you can get out of it, it just brings void to your life. Ignorance is bliss in such matters I feel, however the tragedy is one does not stay ignorant all his life. There will be a moment when one will get into this chasm.

There are parts that just displays irony of life. Natalie (Anna Kendrick) an ambitious co-worker of Ryan introduces a new process of firing people online, later her boy friend dumps her by a text message. Just to show life is fair to all, in all ways.

I must say this movie is good one time watch


One Response to Up in the Air : Movie

  1. Hitesh says:

    the movie is good….i haven’t finished it yet…….hoping soon……..


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