Jyoti Basu: An Appraisal

Jyoti Basu: An Appraisal

Reading the above article makes me wonder, how well people remember every close miss, mistakes, follies one makes . With out giving credit to his contributions.

Image via wikimedia

Image via wikimedia

I’m no great fan of CPI(M) or Jyoti Basu, however the way the article is written intrigues me. If Jyoti Basu knew he would be remembered this way (as described in the article), would he have served people for 23 years !! I seriously feel the man deserves more respect.


3 Responses to Jyoti Basu: An Appraisal

  1. Yes, the immaculate politician was well aware of this all the time and he still continued ‘serving the people’ as there had been an enormous derth of a leader in his party who could be considered as his replacement.

    And I do second your opinion that an exemplary administrator, a seasoned manipulating politician and a prudent iconic leader of the masses like comrade Jyoti Basu does deserve more respect than this.

    The ‘creative and concerned appraisals’ can wait for, at least, the first forty days after his unfortunate demise. The media ought to be ‘human’ and not utterly robotic.

    Shrinath Vashishtha
    Port Blair.
    Andaman & Nicobar Islands (India).

  2. shivanandpb says:

    A Champion Of The People Describes Jyoti Basu’s achievements

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