Icon : Frederick Forsyth

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The first part of Icon felt as though I’m reading one of the best thrillers. The first 2/3rd of the book is awesome fast paced and action packed. However the remaining 1/3rd is disappointing after the initial build up.

The story is set in late 90s after the break up of USSR to Russia. The entire deal begins when a top secret file goes missing, from the Igor Kamarov’s headquarters. Kamarov is the most popular presidential candidate, who is guaranteed to win the elections. This file gets into the hands of British secret service and the Kamarov’s fascistic plan is revealed to them.

Meanwhile a flashback on Jason Monk runs in parallel. How he joined CIA, and the shrewd ways in which he hired Soviet agents. A high profile CIA agent, Aldrich Ames, works for the Soviets, provides them the names of the Russian agents working for CIA. One by one his Monk’s Soviet agents either get caught or go missing. Unable to keep the promises given to his agents, furious Monk revolts to get himself expelled out of CIA.

When this file reaches the hands of the former SIS (Secret Intelligence service) head, Nigel Irvine. He and the covert group on learning the contents of the file, decide to take the matters into their hands, to disallow Kamarov’s victory. They decide to hire Monk for this job. It then gets very interesting the way in which Kamarov’s political machinery is destroyed one by one.

After this that story kind of loosens the grip. Jason Monk is always aware of what Kamarov’s men are planning, and is prepared for a counter attack. This kind of feels unreal.

This is the first Frederick Forsyth book I’m reading, I really like his narration and the pace of the story. The book tells the way in which secret agents work, hire assets and the state of Russia after the disintegration of USSR, I found these interesting. I give Icon a 3 out of 5.


2 Responses to Icon : Frederick Forsyth

  1. Tarun says:

    I have too….The facts of book does became irrelevant in 2000s but storytelling is marvelous 3.5/5 from me

  2. shivanandpb says:

    Thanks for the comment Tarun.

    Im currently reading Forsyth’s The day of the jackal, this seems much better…

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