12 Angry men : The Movie

I had this 1957 black and white movie on the hard disk of my computer for quite a while. I did not really bother to watch the movie. A friend suggested, this is an awesome movie. After watching this movie I felt such an idiot for not watching the movie before. It was excellent indeed.

Image from wikipedia.org

The movie length is around 1:30 hrs all shot in one room with 12 men. Yes, all shot in one room. Interesting eh ? Its about 12 jurors trying to decide whether, 18 year old boy accused of killing his father is guilty or not guilty.

As you watch first 20 mins, the movie becomes predictable. However it does not bore you. The 12 jurors are completely different from one another, the have never met each other before. Their reactions to the opinions of others and how their decisions flip flop makes it interesting.

Very simple movie, and very different for the movies I generally watch. A thumbs up for the movie.


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