Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight – Review

I heard about this Rujuta’s book in a post by Rashmi Bansal. I’m for last three years trying to get into mode of slimming. All I’ve succeeded is to increase my waist line from 32 to 33 inches. All I do about exercises and diets is follow hearsay. I thought reading this book will be help me get real on this topic, rather that follow what people say.


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I must say, this book turned out to be an eye opener. I realized the extent of abuse my stomach has taken by not feeding it right. The book tries to explains loosing weight by feeding our stomach right based on our daily activities, rather than to starve and loose weight.

First of all the organization of the book is excellent. What I mean is the flow. Rujuta first gives some real life cases and describes them. These cases allow us to understand how badly we abuse our stomach and clears the myths associated with weight loss and diets. Then she goes on explaining the importance of the nutrients (carb, fat, protiens, minerals, vitamins) and their role in body. Once all this is understood she explains the 4 golden rules of healthy eating habits, nothing complicated, its very simple to follow.

She tries to make understand that loosing weight is not all about working-out or starving. Its about eating healthy nutritious food in right quantity at right time, with a bit of work out and this will require some amount of change in our life style.

Quote from the book

“There is no such thing as going ‘on or ‘off’ your diet. Eating correctly is a lifelong commitment, and the diet should be a reflection of this.”

There is no magic formula in the book, most of it common sense that we either tend to neglect or oversimplify. The book makes you aware of the cause and effect of eating right and not eating right. So it kind of brings about a difference in the way you think about diet and weight loss.

Quote from the book

“Love and respect your body, Everything is ok in moderation, Think of nutrients, not calories”

I’d say this is a good read for anyone wanting to be fit. If you can follow her advice and become fit, the reading will be worth it. I’m trying hard to make my read worth it 🙂 let see how the result turns out…


4 Responses to Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight – Review

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  2. Naveena says:

    Ever since i bought this book couple of months ago, this book has gained weight (a layer of dust) by sitting in the corner of my table.. 😉 he he
    All the best man..

  3. saad Anwar says:

    “By reading this review, the book looks quite informative for those who are keen to reduce their weight.
    The author gives very useful tips about dieting.”

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