Motorola is Menacingly back with Android

Driod from Motorola coming soon, releasing this Nov. Hope it gets released in India too…
its to be seen if Droid is all set to create a new fad like Razr… Will the robot do the trick for Motorola ? its to be seen !!!

Droid is a GPhone, Powered with Google's Android platform. Specs are amazing Android 2.0 (Echlair) powered by 600 MHz ARM Cortex Processor !!! Wow !!!

There is Acer Liquid too making waves, it runs on Android 1.6 powered by powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. There is Dell too getting into smart phone business with their Android offering. But nothing is more tempting than the smart phone from the manufacturers of the the first practical mobile phones. Hail Moto !!


In today's scenario for a smart phone manufacturer to succeed, it should either be Apple or it should manufacture GPhones powered by Android.**

Otherwise the demise is certain: The first victim NOKIA : 2009 Q2 result : Sales down 24% – Profits down 72%.
** Considering that Microsoft does not pull out something spectacular with WinMo 7.0.

Interesting times for a cell phone consumer.


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