Brazilian GP : F1 2009

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Jenson Button is finally victorious, thoroughly deserving victory. Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that Brawn F1 would have had any kind of chance to win the championship. The championship is a great tribute to Jenson who stayed with the team when Honda backed off from F1, agreed to be front-line driver for Brawn F1 despite the pay cut.

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Hats off to Ross Brawn, to have faith in the team and the car. Honda made a big big mistake by exiting F1 arena this season. When it was time to reap the benefits hard work and R & D that had put in previous 2 years, they unfortunately gave up F1.

I was surprised when I learnt that they managed the entire season with just 3 chassis. That’s really cool. Demonstrating that it is possible to do well in F1 with tight budget. I’ve not spoken anything about Barrichello, he too has done extremely well. However I’m not a big fan of Barrichello.


Coming back to the race. Force India started the race in the second row along side Trulli. I really hoped Force India would score points this time around. In the last race Sutil spun off and lost 5 places if I remember right. This race was also unfortunate for Sutil, he crashed into Trulli’s car. They had a war of words infront of the camera, Trulli was fined for his behavior.

Webber won the race another good result for Red Bull F1 team. His team-mate also did a commendable job by finishing 4th, he started from 12th position.


Looks like Niko Roseberg will replace Barrichello as the Brawn driver, Barrichello is most probably going to fill in Niko Roseberg’s shoes with Williams. Kubica is moving to Renault filling the spot emptied by Alonso. There is still no hint on where Kimi will be driving next season. There is high probability that he might join McLaren team. Toyota has a slot open Kimi might have a chance there aswell.

BMW ruled out from the next season, Williams F1 team will use Cosworth engines. Lotus F1 is back into F1 next season. Lots of changes next season, it will be interesting as usual.


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