Brazilian GP 2009 : F1 Qualifying

Jenson Button might be completely disheartened by the qualifying results. He will be starting 13 places behind the his team-mate Rubens Barrichello and a threat to Jenson’s championship dreams. Vettel one more championship contender was eliminated in the Q1 of the Qualifying so was Lewis Hamilton.

Force India’s Sutil did well to finish 3rd to start in the second row behind Barrichello and Webber. Sutil has a big job of keeping Trulli and Kimi at bay, both driving cars equipped with KERS. Liuzzi also did well for Force India if not for this crash.

Jenson will need some luck to score some points and maintain a good lead ahead of the final race at Abu-dhabi. Barrichello is lighter on fuel this will pose an opportunity to Webber. Anything can happen in tomorrow’s race I do not think the same line-up will win the race in same order. Brazil is in for some action.


Apart from this, There was one more interesting move by Kubica to move to Renault next season From BMW Sauber. Its still unclear where Kimi is heading.


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