What’s your Rashee ? Movie Review

What’s your Rashee ? is so much unlike a typical Ashutosh Gowariker movie. Its not a historical epic, it has nothing thought provoking. Its is a simple romantic “mindless” comedy.


Its very light-hearted movie. The story is about Yogesh Patel, a MBA Grad from Chicago. Circumstances force Yogesh to get married in less than 2 weeks time. Yogesh is now faced with a tough job of finding a bride for himself. He comes up with this crazy idea of meeting one lady of every sun sign and to select one of them to be his bride. In this way he ends up meeting 12 Priyanka Chopra(s).

Every character of Priyanka exhibits certain personality traits of a particular sun-sign. Priyanka as always looks great but her roles are so so. The movie does not provide any chance for a great performances. Harman’s does a decent job. However you need to keep reminding yourself that you are watching Harman and not some Hrithik Roshan duplicate. However Jitu Bhai’s portrayal is awesome.

This is a good time pass movie. Certainly value for money I feel. Go watch it, its worth one watch.

PS: This is a 3.5 hrs movie after cutting 2 songs. There are songs every 15 mins.


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