Love between IE and Mozilla teams

Despite the cold reception from Microsoft’s top management, the Internet Explorer development team maintains a relationship with Mozilla. They meet regularly to discuss web standards such as extended validation certificates.[151] In 2005 Mozilla agreed to allow Microsoft to use its Web feed logo in the interest of common graphical representation of the Web feeds feature.[152]

In August 2006, Microsoft offered to help Mozilla integrate Firefox with the then-forthcoming Windows Vista,[153] an offer Mozilla accepted.[154]

In October 2006, as congratulations for a successful ship of Firefox 2, the Internet Explorer 7 development team sent a cake to Mozilla.[155][156] As a nod to the browser wars, some readers joked about the cake being poisoned, while others jokingly suggested that Mozilla send a cake back along with the recipe, in reference to the open-source software movement.[157] The IE development team sent another cake on June 17, 2008, upon the successful release of Firefox 3.[158]

I knew about the love relationship Google shares with Mozilla. Mozilla is earning big bucks on this relationship.

Never knew that IE and Mozilla dev teams share co-cordial relationship. The cake incident is funny.


2 Responses to Love between IE and Mozilla teams

  1. Nirav Doshi says:

    Hey SPB,

    Thanks for this… Interesting & hilarious! 🙂

    I’m sure you know that IE *still* identifies itself as “Mozilla/4.0” (as per the user agent strings used). Check out the various strings at:

    Why is it done? Explained well here:


    Nirav Doshi

  2. Nirav Doshi says:

    Hi SPB,

    (Unsure if I lost my previously composed comment because of a timeout here! Hence re-posting this.)

    Thanks for this interesting + hilarious!~ 🙂

    I am sure you know that IE was based on the NCSA Mosaic browser (Spyglass Inc.) – some interesting comments about their user agent string which *even now* says “Mozilla/4.0”, check out: and then

    And do read the reason behind it at:


    Nirav Doshi

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