Crying strengthens relationships

Crying can help
[img courtesy: TOI/ Getty images]

This is great news. If your wife or girl friend is a cry baby, it means to say the relationship is getting better. Cry my darling !! no one is going to stop you I’ll also join if needed 😛

Man !! these psychological analysis, heeding too much to all these can make one a psycho…

Crying can strengthen relationships – Health – Health & Fitness – LIFE & STYLE – The Times of India

While crying is known to be a symptom of physical pain or stress, it has emotional benefits too and can make interpersonal relationships stronger, says a Tel Aviv University evolutionary biologist.


One Response to Crying strengthens relationships

  1. Nirav Doshi says:

    You should’ve added, the research was sponsored by a tissue paper making company. 😉

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