My Friend Sancho : Book Reveiw

I’ve always liked Amit Varma’s wacky humor. He is no stranger to netizens, his blog India uncut is very popular in the blogophere. This is Amit Varma’s first book. Its a wholesome entertainer. This is the kind of book that one can start with a cup on tea on a lazy Sunday morning and finish it by lunch-time. The story is fast paced and funny. Story feels genuine, and one can relate to the characters in it.

The story is about a wisecracking tabloid journalist, Abir Ganguly. How he lands up in a unusual situation, while covering a story for crime beat. How Sancho gets into his life, and changes his life. There are many funny anecdotes and one-liners from Abir and his imagination is hilarious. It will make you laugh, I had good laughs. Its thoroughly entertaining, if you liked five point some one, one night at call center, then you will devour this. [read chapter 1 of the book]

I will not be surprised if a bollywood producer picks up the story and plans to make a movie out of it. It has everything humor, melodrama, rona dhona, rantings on the functioning of the government, police force, the underworld, it has a small religion angle also  and like all bollywood movies a happy ending, they lived happily ever after kinds.

@Amit Varma if you are reading this, do consider writing a sequel to this. I feel there is a lot in Abir’s character, than can be exploited. Anyways it was pleasure reading the book. Cheers.


2 Responses to My Friend Sancho : Book Reveiw

  1. opentube says:

    Great man! Need to look for the book

  2. Nirav Doshi says:

    Thanks for the tip SPB!~

    Will definitely check out the book… my wife will love it! 😉

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