The Hangover : movie review

Note : No spoilers

10/10 out for this movie. An ultimate entertainer.

Keep you head at home, do not think about whys, whats and hows. It may not make any sense, still you can’t resist laughing. This movie tickles every funny bone you have. I’m must say the screen play is stupendous. I highly recommend this movie, and be prepared to laugh whole heatedly till ribs ache.

The movie is about a bachelor party. Dough is getting married. His chums Phil and Stu plan a bachelor party at Las Vegas 2 days before the marriage. Phil is a school teacher, Stu a dentist. Alan fiance’s brother joins the gang. Alan looks like a psycho but actually he is an idiot. They reach Las Vegas, occupy a grand suite. They make toast, to make this an unforgettable night.

But unfortunately, the next day they have the worst hangover of their life and they do not remember a bit of what they did the previous night. They find the house in a devastated state, chicken flying all over the house, there is a baby crying in the closet, a tiger in the bathroom, Stu has lost one of his teeth and most of all there is no sign of Dough. Then its all about finding Dough, with little clues they have trying to figure out what they did the previous night. The journey of finding Dough is amazing. It also weird in some sense, but still entertaining. Im kind of not finding word to explain. You must watch it to understand what I’m saying.

All in all an excellent movie, the kinds that you can watch any number of times. If you haven’t watched it yet go watch it !!

[To top it all, I got a 30% discount on the movie tickets 🙂 saved 120 bucks]


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