New York : Movie Review

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The Departed inspired + 9/11 plot + a religious angle + a triangular love story = an awfully dissapointing movie, New York.

The movie reveals how the Asians especially Asian Muslims were treated in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. 1200 people were detained under the patriot act, even the faintest suspects were arrested and detained. The movie shows the horrific mental and physical abuse these detainees were subjected to by the American agencies. After 3 years 1000 detainees were released as not guilty. They trying hard to recover from the mental trauma they had gone through.

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The story is about 3 friends Omar (Neil Nitin Mukesh), Maya (Katrina Kaif) and Samir (John Abraham) and how their lives changes in the aftermath 9/11 attacks. The movie begins with the FBI agent, Roshaan (Irfaan Khan), picking up Omar for transporting illegal arms. Omar, begins a flash back of his time with Samir and Maya at NYU as students. Samir is suspected to be abetting terrorism. The FBI force Omar to spy on Samir, to prevent future attacks and to plan their capture. The movie then goes in a typical bollywood way after the re-union, Omar recalling his love for Maya, who is now married to Samir. Many scenes I felt were “inspired” by The Departed, especially the scenes with Roshaan and Omar.

The acting was good by all the characters, Kartina for once has acted good, direction was also not bad. I some how was not able to relate to the story, the ending especially. I felt the ending of the movie was a total spoil sport. A very good thought that the movie was trying to project, was lost due all the hara-kiri in last 15 mins.

If you are wanting to watch a good hindi movie, after the prolonged movie drought due to the strike. New York will disappoint you, I certainly was disappointed.


4 Responses to New York : Movie Review

  1. Nirav Doshi says:

    Hey SPB – you didn’t mention if it was the direction, or the story, or something else which disappointed you. Nikhat Kazmi gave this movie a **** rating. Usually – she’s right.

  2. shivanandpb says:

    oh ! I didn’t mentioned that. Direction was not bad. The performance was good as well. I felt the storyline was not crisp, it felt as if the story was trying to do too many things. And I did not like the ending.

  3. sandraraven says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  4. shivanandpb says:

    Welcome to my blog Sandra,
    thanks, keep visiting…

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