Interesting Wearable Technology : Coined Sixth Sense

This is very very interesting. I was not completely taken aback looking at this. Such a tool is a eventuality of the mammoth amounts data being collected and recorded, with WiFi and WiMax maturing every single moment passing by.

The kind of use Im thinking of this technology, well can sound absurd. A magic goggle when switched on starts listing all the meta data associated with the items in view. The rendering would happen on the goggle screen, instead of it getting projected on the facing object. The data mine by Google relating to the personal habits of the users will be possibly enhanced to record every individuals idiosyncrasies, learn and use it accordingly.

Yes there will be privacy issues, if an individual has access to all the recorded idiosyncrasies of the other individual man !! there will be no privacy. Such idiotic cases will certainly be address when the technology is ready for deployment.

Great technology, needs lot of refinement. Some how have a strong feeling that this technology will find its abode in labs and never make it to the real world. Let see time will answer….


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