Malcom Gladwell : Outliers

I have read a lot about Malcom Gladwell and his three books. I finally decided to buy his latest book Outliers. I must say it was a good pleasure read. I particularly enjoyed reading the trivia part of the successful people. Bill Gates, Bill Joy, Joe Folm, Chris Langan, Robert Oppenheimer, The Beatles to mention few.

The book basically tells that the its not the only the individual merit that makes people successful. There is a huge role of the cultural legacy they carry, their upbringing, the point in time when they envisaged a great idea/thought and opportunities that period of time offered them, the factors that are generally overlooked while analyzing their success. It does not take away any glory, from the successful people. However it gives a sense that if you are at a right place in the right time, have confidence to seize the opportunities that come by your way, with a bit perseverance even an average person can be successful.

The book does not try to explain anything ground breaking. However the way the idea is put forth with facts and figures makes it very interesting to read and creates a strong impression.

I must conclude, regardless of all the hype, there is nothing thought provoking about Outliers, however its a pleasure read.

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One Response to Malcom Gladwell : Outliers

  1. Daisy says:

    so have you found your own way to success?if yes share with me

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