Taliban in control, all is well…

The Talibs and Al-Quaida terrorists who have taken refuge in north west Pakistan are wagging their tails rapidly off late. They are all set to make the north west Pakistan another Islamist Afghanistan. Pakistan is doing what it does the best watch and indirectly support them. Now Pak has got a reason too, Taliban having  declared support to Pakistan in fight against India, if a war ever breaks.

In a latest bid the Taliban has demanded the end of music on Pakistani buses.  They have been targeting schools, police posts and symbols of authority to impose their Islamic rule. They mix with the locals and have found abode in populous areas that makes  American soldiers resident in Pakistan hard to target them.

Its about time that Americans stop giving Pak a bounty in way of financial aid, unless any concrete action is taken again all the terror groups. For how long can Pakistan fool the world ?


Taliban demand end to music on Pakistan buses

Taliban in Waziristan news


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