Posterous : The coolest way to blog


Posterous presents an amazingly cool way to blog.

There are no setups no logins, just send a mail (Blog post) to When you send a mail for the first time a new is created. Then on every mail sent will be an unique post.

Its not really a unique concept. Blogger has been providing the feature to mail blog post for ages where in the text in the mail gets posted as a new blog. The presentation and the user experience is what sets Posterous aside of all the regular blogging sites. One more unique thing is that any a kind of attachment will gets posted along with the text in the email. Attachments can be photos, mp3s, documents and videos (both links and files).

Autopost is another cool feature where in posterous updates the other accounts (say twitter, flickr, blogger, facebook etc) instantly every time a post is made. There are further ways to control autopost. It allows tagging, searches and other standard features.

What impressed me the most is the user-experience, its amazingly simple, just send an email….
My Posterous site :

Posterous Blog
Posterous FAQ


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