The God Delusion

God delusionI stumbled upon this very very interesting topic in Wikipedia The God Delusion. I now am really dying to read this entire article and the book obviously, will read it sometime when I’m free.

The concept is kind of true. Anything that is abstruse for humans to understand, something that defies the known or understood logic is generally attributed to some super-natural force called God. Events that have no scientific explanation is assumed to be due to God’s grace or assumed to be the affects his wrath.

What will happen the day we are able to explain everything with logic on the basis of science. Will such day really come ? if It does, Will the faith in go still remain ?

I personally think faith in god will still persist. We need a faith in some power, so that rationality prevails in the society. If the faith in God seizes, it would be hard to define what is good and bad. The faith in god is one of the very few things that can unite masses together, for a good cause or a bad one is a different issue.

Doesn’t matter if god really exists or not, the faith should remain.


One Response to The God Delusion

  1. vvurm says:

    Does the faith have to be in God? Or in something greater than the individual? Why can’t we believe in the ascension of humanity through cooperative means? Rather than striving for an intangible afterlife, is it not more noble for our deeds to bring everyone closer to heaven on Earth?

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