I love the world, Boom-di-ada, Boom-di-ada

Somehow really liked this Discovery channel AD, nice one…


17 Responses to I love the world, Boom-di-ada, Boom-di-ada

  1. Pimpmastahanhduece says:

    I love this commerical and the ending messege. The world is awsome not just for the reason its where humans come from. But the world and even how science and how the universe is so complex but never random. With such a gift as our intelligence with a world that bends to the will of the one who is willing to master it, is what makes earth, our universe, life, and technology the real every day miracles. Im not a big optimist, in fact i feel a love-hate for reality, but without a doubt, I do love the world and its grandeur and that no matter bad things are, we always have the ability to change it to how we want. The Natural Realm is beautiful.

  2. Boom-di-Ada, Boom-di-Ada… it’s stuck in my head already! Just such an up-beat commercial, and it’s totally awesome. You don’t really think much about how friggin’ cool the Earth is much, but at some points you just have to appreciate how it works… I find the Discovery Channel to be the kind of group to forward that message. Glad they have the programming they do; I haven’t seen a show on there yet whereupon I don’t learn ~something~ of value. (And please, Discovery Channel people, make more kick-ass commercials sometime soon, will ya?)

  3. Matt says:

    Easily the best commercial ive seen so far. Its catchy! No one realizes ow cool the world is and how much everybody under appreciates it. We all need to do something that helps us learn more about the world whether it is being a scientist or just going outside and admiring all the trees and plants. Way too go Discovery Channel for helping me learn more about the World! BOOM DI ADA!!!!!

  4. Firestarter says:

    I cannot disagree with any of you folks.
    The video made me realize how beautiful this earth is, It has given us so many things. Its our responsibility to give back something, to make it better, doesn’t matter even if its something really minuscule…

  5. Phil says:

    I can’t agree more with anyone. My 1 1/2 year old will drop what he is playing with and watch the whole commercial without blinking, then BEG to hear it 20 more times.

    I love it!…..

  6. Michelle says:

    Both my boys are the same way- watching without blinking. And then they run around the house yelling BOOM DI YADA like the painted man and the base jumper. heheee. very cool. very, very cool 🙂

  7. JSH says:

    I think it deserves an ad award nomination of some sorts. Very clever and catchy. But that’s what commercials are supposed to be!

  8. medic2731 says:

    I love when Great Whites fly…..

  9. Jelsemium says:

    The thing I love most about this commercial, and damn, I love everything about this commercial, is that it points out that it’s really the little things that bring us joy. (Okay, mountains, big bridges and great whites aren’t exactly ‘little’, but you get my meaning, right?)

  10. krosfyah says:

    I love this commercial EXCEPT for the army/weapon firing clip. that to me just doesn’t ift in. the song is about loving the whole world then you see a guy ready willing and able to blow up pieces of it with joy? That just is such a bad fit. might as well show some poachers skinning some white tigers while we’re at it.

    I’m not ranting but I really find this part to not fit in at all and I had to comment.

    • PieHearts says:

      I’m not sure about this, but I think that guy’s from future weapons, and I’ve seen it, its pretty darn cool. It’s about how future weapons (hence the name), will take down ‘bad guys’ without using lethal force. So, I guess, it is kind of peaceful, but to each his own…

      I LOVE this commercial. the music, lyrics, everything. best commercial ever.

  11. Mat C 'BubbleManInc' says:


    Every single word and every single shot was PERFECTLY put together!

    Way to go Discovery Ch!!! One of the best commercials I have seen in a long, LONG TIME!

  12. Remi says:

    Love this.
    by far the Best
    Fo- Sow.
    It owns.
    Everything Ryms its amazin

  13. raiz says:

    can anybody tell me what “boom-di-ada” mean.. frm which language does it come from?

  14. dudl says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice :* i love discovery

  15. beccapiglet says:

    Just in case anyone is curious, this is an old song that we used to sing in Girl Scouts when I was a kid- ‘I love the mountains
    I love the rolling hills
    I love the flowers I love the daffodils
    I love the fireside when all the lights are low, boom-di-ada, boom-di-ada’

    The boom-di-ada part doesn’t mean anything . . . it’s just a fun thing to say . . .

  16. shivanandpb says:

    Thanks of the info Rebecca…

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