Real Estate: quirky facts

No wonder there is a marginal reduction in India’s cultivable land. Look at the following facts on real estate. Donald trump wants to invest in India

* The real estate sector is expected to grow to $50 billion from $12 billion in the next five years.
* Aggregate demand for office space is expected to be 61 million m over the next five years.
* Overseas funds announced for investment in Indian real estate amount to about $ 7 billion.
* Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in real estate in the past 12 months totaled to $1.2 billion.
* About 80 million units of housing will be required over the next 15 years.
* Housing sector has been growing on average at 34 per cent annually, while last year the hospitality industry grew by 10 per cent to 15 per cent.

Real Estate: quirky facts- Hindustan Times



One Response to Real Estate: quirky facts

  1. riathareja says:

    In recent years real estate sector has been the main driving force of the Indian economy.Developments in the Indian real estate sector symbolizes the changing face of nation and is a reflection of the growth in the Indian economy brought about by high rates of GDP and also by India’s integration with the global economy.A number of global players have entered the Indian market and many more have shown interest. Growth and investment have also created opportunities for investment in real estate sector.Tremendous growth has been taking place in both residential as well as commercial segments that is attracting huge investments phenomenal price escalation (more than 100% in several places) in last couple of years.Real estate boom in India is supported by its own flourishing economy on a sustainable basis. Here, growth of the property market is not a result of renovation and overhauling; but rapid development that witness for India riding the high growth wave. For more

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