A Gas Guzzler Tax & energy labels on cars

New Delhi, December 18: With climate change and greenhouse gases at the top of the global policy agenda, an inter-Ministerial expert committee today endorsed measures including a “Gas guzzler tax” to promote fuel economy in vehicles and called for greater participation of the private sector in the public transport system to wean people off “personalized motoring.”

IndianExpress.com :: Proposed: A Gas Guzzler Tax & energy labels on cars

Indian Govt is (at least looks like) stern on taking tough measures on reducing green house gases. Carbon-di-oxide is the largest contributor to climate change, transport sector being the main source. Strong economy is making Indian middle class more and more wealthy, they are not shying away from spending. The automobile sales are on a high. The introduction of “Gas guzzler tax” will certainly make people think toward buying a low emission hybrid vehicles. There will surely be a high resistance from the vehicle manufacturers.

In addition to this the public transport needs to be improved. More than half of the vehicles, in peak hour traffic have not more than one passenger (at least what I have seen in Bangalore) in them. Introducing better, comfortable and effecient public transport for the opulent, will encourage them to use it. This can in a big way reduce the traffic woes and carbon emissions.

How much of these proposed measures will actually get implemented is yet to be seen. We are on the right path though.


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