Russians test "Father of all bombs”

Mankind has inflicted innumerable wars, witnessed a slew of mass destructions. Still the lesson is not learnt. War and mass destruction have never solved any problem, be it the world wars, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. They have caused greater affliction to mankind, both directly and indirectly.

The fascination for creating more powerful and more destructive weapons has not allayed. It might be to set a new world order or for revenge or for some selfish gains. Whatever it is, it is no good. All the terrorist groups causing terror and havoc, are by-products of wars tensions and cold war like situations.

I heard about E-Bombs few months back, that can wreak havoc on electronics, leaving physical structures and biological life forms untouched. Todays newspaper talks about a Vacuum bomb that Russian tested, it is commensurate to a nuclear weapon. It can inflict destruction by an ultrasonic shock waves and very high temperature. It evaporates all that is alive, without polluting the environment.

We are getting into a era of environment friendly weapons of mass destruction. I’m confused is it good or bad !!!


One Response to Russians test "Father of all bombs”

  1. aashithraj says:

    Well it can be good.. We can all be rid of the miseries of life and not destroy mother earth 🙂 I am being sarcastic. Any weapons of mass destruction is a curse on humans. No one has the rights to decide the lives of others. I hope its nipped in its bud.

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