New Age battles using E-Bombs

Human beings are the smartest of all the animals, they know more methods of destruction than anyone on this planet.

Science allows us to make new inventions and discoveries to make our life better, its interesting how the same science can be used to obliterate everything.

E-bomb is another destructive technology that uses an intense burst of electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) ranging from very low frequency radio waves to ultraviolet wavelengths. An EMP’s “beauty” lies in the fact that although it can wreak havoc on electronics, it leaves physical structures and biological life forms untouched.

The future of war technology looks bright, unfortunately for the mankind.

Read through the article E-Bombs away.


One Response to New Age battles using E-Bombs

  1. […] heard about E-Bombs few months back, that can wreak havoc on electronics, leaving physical structures and biological […]

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