Is it time to abandon C++ ?

For last 6-7 months I have been following the development in Web space avidly. Myself being a C++ programmer had a feeling of being superior to the folks who develop Web applications / Web Based solutions. Things are different now, there is a sense of discontent for not able to do any web stuff other than basic HTML.

Things have changed drastically in last couple of years.

When I started working, C# was newly introduced. It was branded as a clone of JAVA, accused of being slow, the general notion was VC++/MCF was the way to develop applications on Windows. Today C# is the framework to develop application on Windows, be it desktop applications or web oriented applications. Its a modern framework with the ease of VB and power of VC++/MFC.

On MAC platform as well C++ ruled in pre-OSX days Power Plant was the framework of choice. But today if you develop an application in C++ on MAC OSX, you are no better than an oaf. You can develop a applications faster and better with Cocoa (Objective-C language) framework. Again C++ loses out.

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) have revolutionized the web space. Ajax and Gmail started it all, no one had ever thought that web applications can be give an desktop application like experience. Then it was Flash, new technologies Openlaszlo came up. Flickr and YouTube showed what web applications can do. These days reading about Adobe Apollo and Microsoft Silverlight.

I feel left out. C++ feels archaic. I can write any kind of desktop application on Window/MAC, but still there is a strong feeling of discontentment for not being part of web brigade. You don’t need to know C++ to innovate anymore, it has reached its saturation. It has now become a language of geeks writing cryptic code.


2 Responses to Is it time to abandon C++ ?

  1. I left 9 years of C++ expertise to jump on C# three years ago and I’m not looking back at all. The productivity gains that I achieved in using C# were amazing. I found that my heavy use of STL and generic programming in C++ carried over very well to Generic collections in .Net 2.0.
    Now with Silverlight, it lowers the bar to trying C# even more.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Yes Michael totally agree with you…
    I guess its time for me now to delve into C# and .Net

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