Abi-Aish wedding is over !! what next ??

For last couple of weeks news-papers and news channels were flooded with Abi-Aish wedding news. So much media hype and media coverage, for once I thought that life is all about marriage. Man !! Aishwarya and Abhishek are getting married, it in no ways affect me or the billions of people of our country, then why so much hype !!! Why should Main stream news channels and news paper cover it with so much vigor. Its a news yeah, but is it important enough to make it to the front page ?

I thought its finally over !!! But no there is more…today’s newspaper talks about their honeymoon plans, Will they do it in Venice or not ? Man !!! This is heights !!!

So what next ?

The following can be future news…
– Should Amithabh take up a role of wedding planner ?
– A public debate on when Abi-Aish should have kids ?
– Will Abhishek make a good dad ? Aish be a good mom ? how about grandpa and grand mom ?
– Opinion poll on whether the couple will have a boy or a gal ?
– A public debate on whether the name of the kid should start with ‘A’ ?
– Should the kid do higher studies ? coz if the kid is planning to be a actor what the point in higher studies ? The seat can be offered to OBC quota.

Lets see which of these will be true ?


2 Responses to Abi-Aish wedding is over !! what next ??

  1. aashithraj says:

    How about putting a poll on what the kids should be named?

  2. Ramesh Natarajan says:

    I do appreciate your frustation. We have more burning issues to worry about.. I wonder why the media is focusing so much on this and so the people!

    Ramesh Natarajan
    For More about India, do visit my blog: http://fusions.wordpress.com

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