ibibo.com…Get paid to blog. Every month!!!

Get paid to blog. Every month!

I thought this is something cool. Got registered with ibibo.com.

Man !! it is one crap thing. The quality of blogs there is awful. Within minutes of blogging I get two comments. One requesting me to comment on his (commenter’s) blog and the other one was totally unrelated to the post. Comments were posted just to make me visit their blog and increase its popularity rating.

Popularity and activity scores are used to rate the blogs. The activity scores can be kept high by posting some crap regularly.

Quality is no where considered, while rating a blog !!!

Anyways, I’ll be posting a a copy of all my posts on to ibibo as-well. Who knows just in case if I get lucky…


4 Responses to ibibo.com…Get paid to blog. Every month!!!

  1. atraveler says:

    I totally agree…I too signed up, well half way at least, until they asked for physical copies of my drivers liscence and a utility bill with my current address, yeah right, as if I’m ever going to give it to them. They are probably the worst blogging site out there.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Hi atraveler,

    Yes, totally agree…
    ibibo is a good idea, but wrongly implemented…
    None of the top rated blogs there were good…

    They should have done it in a controlled fashion, initially having some good well known Indian bloggers to blog there and then should have popularized it…

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