Letterman’s tribute to Bill Gates

No matter how much people mock Bill Gates and Microsoft. Everyone will agree the fact that its because of him that every home has a computer today. It was during the time of huge expensive VAXs and PDPs, Bill Gates had a dream of making computers affordable and usable by everyone not only scientists and Engineers.

In today’s world :
Windows PC is now a necessity.
MAC a luxury.
Linux is an option.

I know there are a lot of people telling MAC is better, Linux is Open its just a way to make themselves feel better for not using Windows. There was so much skepticism about Windows Vista, it has actually sold 20 Million copies more that what XP sold in 2 months. Its a fad these days to use non-windows operation system, just a fad. Everyone will slowly roll back. Yeah there will always be a small group of loyal MAC and Linux users but Windows will remain ubiquitous.

I’m a MAC developer have been using Macs for last 3 years. Having experienced both the worlds I still feel from user point of view and development point of view Windows is the best.


3 Responses to Letterman’s tribute to Bill Gates

  1. aashithraj says:

    Well, I am windows fan and its hard for me to stay away without commenting on this one. I totally agree with you when you can using alternative operating system is a fad. And the thing that mac is better, I have re-installed the mac OS X i have been using at office 3 times whereas I have never re-installed my Windows OS even once in the past 2 years. Maybe people might say I am a layman user which I believe shouldn’t be a reason, because bulk of the users are laymen. I can write a couple of apple scripts and know what is xcode etc., might not be in detail but a brief overview. You can still call me a layman and I wouldn’t mind it. And still when there is a power failure at work which is pretty frequent in India, people scramble to shut down their macs first without bothering so much about a weak windows machine which hasn’t been shut down for days. Well I can go on and on with my discomforts while using a mac machine which might be termed as a learning curve(for the past two years I am still stuck with learning to get used using the mouse for small little things) for such a vast OS. I basically use my mac for browsing and I had to re-install it thrice, well maybe you have to overload your mac with work so that it does not have to be re-installed all pun intented.
    Taking a print screen again a pain, put in a keyboard other than a mac keyboard and it throws up a funny keyboard detection wizard. So much for usability. Windows doesn’t throw up a wizard, it is a dumb OS so it detects everything on its own not distinguishing between good and bad right?

  2. Anil says:

    Comments for the original blog : There is no denying the fact that Bill Gates is a genius.A guy who could write DOS almost all by himself cannot be considered otherwise.But I tend not to agree with the other part of the blog.MAC is clawing its way back and sentiments against MS are at an all time high.Its not a fad to use an alternate OS, its becoming cost effective really.I have been a MAC developer myself and yes sometimes I feel Windows is a better platform for development.Its more to do with the quality of tools available and this really has to date back to history..The single most reason for the down slide of MAC has been to do with LACK of a programming community.But for personal experience ? MAC wins hands down.

    And as far as the comments by “aashithraj” are concerned , it made me chuckle a number of times reading it.I really cannot blame him , it was probably ONE bad machine for which he is venting his ire so much.I dont know what the problem is but I have seen enough MACs and worked on them as well to safely say that MACs are far better than windows machines in terms of stability.And it generally accepted world wide albeit by a certain “aashithraj”.

    And as i see it, I have had enough of this MAC , Windows comparison really.Windows is just a platform, MAC is a machine..I for one strongly believe that if Jobs WANTED TO , he really could have licensed the O.S.No big deal.The stark difference is the way he views the industry and i like the fact that he controls the hardware he writes software for.At the end of the day it results in a more efficient and optimized piece of software.

    Early 2000,Microsoft contemplated writing and releasing a product, a la IPOD. They just could not manage writing the software for the various combinations of hardware and just could not convince their hardware vendors to help them out..Result, Ipod comes and changes the industry , which ZUNE coming in years later could not make an iota of a difference to.

    I marvel at both Gates and Jobs, geniuses and management gurus.The philosophy on which the companies are built are different , nothing more , nothing less.

  3. Firestarter says:

    >> Its not a fad to use an alternate OS, its becoming cost effective really.
    cost effective !! a MAC mini (cheapest MAC machine) in India can cost somewhere around 30-45k, you got to buy Monitor, keyboard, mouse and all the other accessories extra. You can actually buy a high-end Dell or HP desktop machine for less than 45k

    >>But for personal experience ? MAC wins hands down.
    personal experience!! It took years for them to realize that a mouse needs two buttons and a scroller.

    >>i like the fact that he controls the hardware he writes software for
    If you owned a 6800 iMac now what plan to do with it now ? yeah !! Apple has ultimate control over their hardware, even you cannot do anything with the Apple hardware…

    >>Result, Ipod comes and changes the industry , which ZUNE coming in years later could not make an iota of a difference to.
    hey, don’t start Zune – Ipod comparison…
    Ever heard of Apple Pippin ?. Do you want me to do a Apple Pippin – XBox comparison ?

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