Brand War: Congress Vs Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

UP election round the corner Rahul Gandhi seems to have learnt the politician’s funda “Anything For Votes”…

The demolition of the masjid in 1992 cost Congress the support of Muslims across India. Elsewhere the party has managed to win the community’s confidence but not in UP. Since the 90s,UP Muslims have supported Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party. Rahul thinks, and rightly so, that Congress can’t afford to be the third contender for this substantial vote. The Congress brand, Rahul seems to think, continues to be tainted by the demolition episode and is a burden in his struggle to regain the trust of minorities in UP.

What better way to counter it than to promote the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty brand even if at the expense of the Congress? The dynasty has high brand recall value in UP, and elsewhere.

TODAY’S EDITORIAL: Brand War-Editorial-OPINION-The Times of India


One Response to Brand War: Congress Vs Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

  1. star campaighner Mayawati!
    Of bahujan samaj party!
    Whose record is on performance and duty!
    For the welfare and happiness of sarvajan samaj prosperity!
    Is competent and strong to meet the star studded glamour and beauty !
    Of the entire opposition who think they are mighty!

    SP, BJP and Congress Party! Gimmick and Rely on Bollywood Stars Aishvarya Rai, jaya bachhan,Jayaprada,Hemamalini, smirity irani, Shilpa Shetty!
    in their star studded Galmour and beauty!

    Sonu Nigam, Amithab Bachhan, Abhishek Bachhan, Dharmendra, Vinod khanna, Shatrughan Sinha, Akshay Khanna, Sunny, shah rukh khan, Govinda, Rajesh Khanna while they were chotti !
    Were naughty and also beauty!
    Now depend on their respective political party!

    Mulayam, Vajpayee, advani, sushma suraj, rajnath singh, kalyan singh, arun jaitly, sonia, rahul and priyanka having no plans to alleviate poverty!
    And welfare and happiness of the sarvajan samaj prosperity!
    Entirely rely upon star studded glamour and beauty!

    Incumbency because of Congress, BJP, SP, Communist party!
    and their looty!

    Babri Masjid was demolished by Bharatiya Janata Party!
    Under the rule of congress party!
    Rahul is trying to patch it up
    With Nehru-gandhi dynasty!
    While rajiv Gandhi had opened the mosque for the Hindu diety!
    Deceiving the minority! SC/St !
    and Backward community!
    Maintaining them in Shear poverty!
    Mulayam is more than 2.25 crorpathi!
    While up subjects are full of apathy!

    UP Voters have decided to give seats two hundred and seventy!
    For Bahujan Samaj Party!
    For the welfare And Happiness of Sarvajan Samaj and their Prosperity!

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