Can alien life defy our science ?

After reading the article Scientists surprised by data about distant planet. I was wondering when it comes to finding life elsewhere in universe why do scientists look for atmosphere or water on the alien planets ?

Can’t there be life that totally defies the science we have known ? A life form that breathes sulphur-di-oxide or the one that can survive in extreme temperature.

I guess the answer lies in the question itself. How can we think of something that is beyond the science we have known ?


4 Responses to Can alien life defy our science ?

  1. So true.

    There must be science that is beyond our comprehension.
    Dimensions stretching way beyond our understanding.
    Sensory spectra spanning so wide, that we in reality are enclosed in a tunnel.

    While we focus our optical, xray, radio telescopes
    to look at the beginning of ‘time’ and look for life as we know it,
    life in other forms, may be very near to us.
    All around us!
    (Those unexplained goosebumps……Eeeeks!)

    Chuckling at us toddle and stumble.

  2. That simple answer- not yet. Who knows, really. Our minds are much more limited than we think. Although our learning curve has grown DRASTICALLY in the last 50 years or so.

    J. Kaiser

  3. aashithraj says:

    Guess every new theory (scientific, social or philosophical) is always shunned before universal approval. That has been the human nature. If we all agree to a principle unanimously human race as we know might have reached its end 🙂

  4. Tannas says:

    The key words are “as we know it” ^_^

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